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29 December 2010

Facebook account Freezer

Facebook Freezer selects random login id and password combination to login to victim account. Due to wrong login attempts, Facebook temporarily bans the victim from logging in to his account. But, if Facebook Freezer is allowed to run on computer for a long time, Facebook bans victim from logging in to his account as long as Freezer is running. Thus, inspite of correct login id and password, victim is unable to login to his Facebook account. Thus, we are able to hack Facebook account using Facebook Freezer.

Note: Many have reported this Facebook Freezer not working for them, though I received some positive feedbacks for Facebook Freezer. So, try it out whether it works for you.

How to use Facebook Freezer:

Well, its very easy to use Facebook freezer to hack facebook account.

1. Free Download Facebook Freezer to hack facebook account.

2. Unzip the file and run Facebook freezer.exe file (works perfectly on Windows XP and Windows Vista) on your computer.

3. You will see something like this:

Facebook freezer

4. Now, enter the login id of the victim whose you wanna hack facebook account and hit on "Freeze". Facebook Freezer will start its work and within few minutes, victim's Facebook account will be freezed.

Note: For Facebook Freezer to freeze account, victim must logout from his Facebook account. So, use Facebook Freezer whenever you find victim not online on Facebook.

I hope this you can now hack facebook account using this Facebook Freezer. Facebook Freezer is one of the simplest ways used to hack Facebook account. If you have any problem in using this Facebook freezer to hack facebook account, please mention it in comments.

Enjoy Facebook Freezer to hack facebook account...Enjoy...

23 December 2010

Make Dollars By List Building

Do you recognize what the most well-liked approach is for generating earnings around the Internet? It is e-mail advertising. Have you been tired from the struggle to last but not least start making money on the internet? The secrets and techniques to developing a profitable list are revealed in list developing unmasked.

Have you heard or go through that the cash is inside the list? Do you realize what that implies? It is your checklist of leads. Some of them might be customers who bought from you inside the previous, but most of them have but to acquire. They’re prospects, targeted for your chosen niche. You use email to type a romance of believe in and affinity, to ensure that they become comfortable with the notion of buying things from you.

Email advertising is easy to realize and put into action, most newbies completely forget about it. They believe that they need to possess the latest and biggest web page design in order that it has a chance to be seen amongst the countless thousands and thousands of other internet sites.

Here lies 1 of the greatest ironies in web marketing. It is possible to make more money having a 1 page website, referred to as a squeeze web page, than in case you have a website with thousands of page the you keep up to date constantly — but that does not possess a squeeze page. If you are new, you should find this hard to accept, but it will be the absolute truth. Whenever you go through list building unmasked, you’re going to know why this can be, and you will comprehend that is just as simple to promote your squeeze web page, since it could be to promote you high priced and enormous web page.

Several men and women wonder about how much time they ought to spend on establishing themselves as being a credible authority in their discipline, and the way significantly time and will need to invest on branding, compared to the amount of energy they place into developing their list. You should be thrilled to understand that you may do all of that at as soon as.

A squeeze web page has a single purpose: for bringing subscribers for your checklist. How is completed? It requires a bribe, an moral bribe. In exchange for your prospects permission to let you get in touch with them by e-mail, you are going to give them some thing they locate useful. It should really be something that they can obtain.

This permits you to get your present to them appropriate absent. It could be software program, however it commonly is details in the form of an e-book or report. The principal thing is it needs to aid your prospects solve a present dilemma they’re dealing with, or answer some questions for them.

Clearly, your gift ought to correspond towards the niche you’re in. Be sure it stands on its personal and it’s not only an ad to get an item that you just promote. As an example, if your chosen area of interest is fishing gear, it could be a manual to bass fishing.

Checklist Creating Unmasked will present you how to get targeted guests to your squeeze page without spending dollars. Have you heard of evergreen traffic? In contrast to spending for advertising, exactly where the traffic stops with your account balance runs down, your traffic will maintain coming. Getting a checklist does not guarantee gross sales. You must know how you can generate a trusting partnership that makes folks want to get from you. List developing unmasked reveals you exactly tips on how to do that and so much more.


18 December 2010

Master Hack Fix Download

Master Hack Fix

This is a first release. It was made to fix all missing dll problems when you attempt to run a hack. This will place the dlls in the files needed according to which bit computer you have. This works fast and smooth.
Posted Image

Download Link


Virus Scan

10 December 2010

Preparing Number List For Bulk SMS

Hi Guys,
This Post will Guide You to How to Create an SMS sending List.
First of all,Go to MS Excel and write a Valid Mobile Number there.
Now,Write the Same number on next row with just one digit Changed(preferably last digit).

It is a good Practice to increase the number by 1.

Now,Use Mouse and Select the Two Rows.
After that,click and drag that rows with bottom-right corner.
You will see that your numbers are increasing and you are getting a series of numbers.
Expand the Rows to a certain limit.
while Saving the file.Choose CSV(Comma Delimited)

You will get two Dialoge boxes.Just Press Ok and Yes.
and you are Done!

03 December 2010

Need For Speed Shift * Full Download *

Recently we saw Sims 3 hitting pirate arena before its release,now its another title NEED FOR SPEED SHIFT Need for Speed: Shift is one of the next installments in the long-running racing video game
franchise Need for Speed published by Electronic Arts. It was announced in January 2009 as part of a three-game announcement that includes Need for Speed: Nitro and Need for Speed: World Online. Shift is under development by Slightly Mad Studios—who, under their former name Blimey! Games helped develop GT Legends and GTR 2 together with SimBin Studios—with help of Michael Mann (EP at EA Black Box) and Patrick Söderlund (senior VP of EA Games and head of DICE). In the new franchising model for the series adopted by EA, Shift takes its place aiming at hardcore gamers and focusing on simulation racing and drifting rather than the arcade racing of previous titles in the series. It focuses less on street racing and more on simulating the driver experience and is being described as a racing game built by racers for racers.

Official release date:Sep 22 2009
Pirates release date: June 08 2009

Wow! thats too fast!!!

ok ok..
Download Torrent
Free of charge

1. Unrar.
2. Burn or mount the image.
3. Install the game.
4. Copy over the cracked content.
5. Play the game.
6. Support the software developers. If you like this game, BUY IT!


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