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26 July 2012

How to remove Navbar from blogger blog

In blogger you can always hide/remove Navbar. Well, I am not so sure what navbar is about but I use navbar for switching to Dashboard to blog and vice versa. Mostly people remove Navbar for their highly customized and professional templates and some just don’t want to use Navbar. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to remove and restore Navbar from blogger blog. Let’s see.

First you have to login your blogger account. Go to dashboard.
Now choose a blog where you want to hide navbar.
Go to Design > Edit Html.
Back up your template (first make sure you have completely back up your template).
Now look for the code in your Blog HTML


Now paste the below code before the above code

#navbar-iframe { display: none !important; }

Click on preview to make sure Navbar is hidden.
That’s it. Now click on save template (This procedure will hide the navbar from your blog).

How to restore Navbar?

If you want to use navbar again or you don’t want to hide navbar after applied these settings. You can always restore navbar to your blogger blog.
To restore navbar delete the code which we applied in our first step. Click save template.

This is how we can remove or restore navbar from our blog. If you find this post useful don’t forget to share with your friends. Any suggestion or feedbacks use the comment box below.Enjoy...

16 July 2012

How To Backup/Download Your Facebook Data

So how do you backup all your Facebook data? Here is a quick and easy procedure to backup all the items mentioned above:
1. Login to your Facebook account.
2. Click the "Account" drop-down menu located in the top-right corner of your Facebook page.
3. Click on "Account Settings".
4. From the "Settings" tab, Look for the line that says "Download Your Information" and click the link to the right of it that says: "learn more".
5. Click the "Download" button on the page that follows.
After you click "Download", you will receive a Facebook pop-up message stating that they are "gathering" all your information into a ZIP formatted file for you to download. The message says it may take awhile and that they will send you an e-mail when the file is ready to be downloaded.
The length of time it takes to build the archive file will depend on how much data (videos, pictures, etc) that you have posted to your account. For people who have been using facebook for several years, this could take a few hours or more. Here is the Official Video about the Process:

Add the Facebook backup process to your regular backup routine. It's a good idea to backup your Facebook content every few weeks or months because you never know when the island that your Facebook data may be residing on might decide to implode or travel back in time to 1977. Good luck getting your funny cat videos back if that happens.

15 July 2012

How To Change Voice in Skype

Skype Voice Changer is a free web application that allows you to change your voice during VOIP calls using Skype. The program is basically used to change your voice in real time by applying a number of different effects to it while you are doing a voice chat with others using  Skype. You can easily customize each of the grouped effects, in a various different ways.
It lets you create something new out of your voice that sound truly unique. Although you can adjust settings such as Feedback and Delay, however, selecting the settings randomly and observing the resulting sound, adds more fun to your conversation.

Yes, that’s it. Adjust the settings and start having fun with Skype conversation. You can take a look at Voice Changer in order to get familiar with it:


If you are a Skype user  then you can also try out other free Skype apps or software like software to record skype calls, and Skype video chat apps for iPad.

Here is how to change voice in Skype Voice Changer:

  1. Click on “Connect To Skype” button, given at the top left side of the window
  2. Sign-in to Skype
  3. Allow the access to this application.
  4. Once you are done, start exploring the variety of different sounds that your voice will get transformed, such as- Pitch Down, SuperPitch, Chorus and many more.
In a nutshell, Skype Voice Changer is a marvelous app to be used in a fun and interesting way. The program is just outstanding. Try it and you will definitely agree.

08 July 2012

Make Money by Selling Hosting

Hi Folks,

Today I am going to tell you about a new method to earn money on Internet for free. Its about selling the web-hosting and you need a zero investment for this.

First of all, Register on YouHosting
Use own Domain name or go with a .tk Domain.
Register a .tk domain

Now, Update the NameServers according to the email you have just recieved.

Go To Look and Feel and Click Install Main Website.

make money from free hosting

Choose a template, enter your master account FTP password and website will be installed. You can use File Manager or FTP client to download website files to your computer and make modifications.

Moving on Look and Feel>Client Signup Form. Setup it for your Clients.
client signup form

Next Step is to Setup the Features and Pricing. Head over to Configuration>Manage Hosting Plans.
hosting Manage

 You need to Setup Payment Gateway in Configuration>Manage Payment Gateway.
Payment Gateway

So, That is all about the new method. If you are not yet Registered on this Website.Go Now:

Reseller hosting


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