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15 July 2012

How To Change Voice in Skype

Skype Voice Changer is a free web application that allows you to change your voice during VOIP calls using Skype. The program is basically used to change your voice in real time by applying a number of different effects to it while you are doing a voice chat with others using  Skype. You can easily customize each of the grouped effects, in a various different ways.
It lets you create something new out of your voice that sound truly unique. Although you can adjust settings such as Feedback and Delay, however, selecting the settings randomly and observing the resulting sound, adds more fun to your conversation.

Yes, that’s it. Adjust the settings and start having fun with Skype conversation. You can take a look at Voice Changer in order to get familiar with it:


If you are a Skype user  then you can also try out other free Skype apps or software like software to record skype calls, and Skype video chat apps for iPad.

Here is how to change voice in Skype Voice Changer:

  1. Click on “Connect To Skype” button, given at the top left side of the window
  2. Sign-in to Skype
  3. Allow the access to this application.
  4. Once you are done, start exploring the variety of different sounds that your voice will get transformed, such as- Pitch Down, SuperPitch, Chorus and many more.
In a nutshell, Skype Voice Changer is a marvelous app to be used in a fun and interesting way. The program is just outstanding. Try it and you will definitely agree.

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