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30 December 2011

Vibrate Your Web Browser (FireFox)

Wanna See Something Interesting,
Go to your Browser (Firefox) and Copy This code :
javascript:function Shw(n) {if (self.moveBy) {for (i = 35; i >0; i--) {for (j = n; j > 0; j--) 
{self.moveBy(1,i) ;self.moveBy(i,0);self.moveBy(0,-i);self.moveBy(-i,0); } } }} Shw(6)
and hit the ENTER Button.

See The Magic!


23 December 2011

Java 2 The Complete Reference: 5th Edition

The world's leading programming author offers comprehensive coverage of the new Java release

The definitive guide to Java has been fully expanded to cover every aspect of Java SE 6, the latest version of the world's most popular Web programming language. This comprehensive resource contains everything you need to develop, compile, debug, and run Java applications and applets.

This Book is Completely revised coverage of the most important new features found in the Java 2 language-- Recognizable and trusted author among the programming community at large-- Established series for which the audience will only continue to grow-- Underlying structure of the book does not change from 5th Edition, meaning trainers and educators won't have to re-do their classroom materials and can easily transition to the new edition 



29 November 2011

SopPlayer 3.4.7 for Windows

Download Free with the latest SopPlayer 3.4.7 for windows,

Nowadays SopPlayer, also named SopCast Client, is totally free P2P software to view live TV channels and movies.

This manual takes you through the first steps of getting SopPlayer and provides the initial pointers to get up and running in no time.
SopPlayer can be run on Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Linux, but this manual is only for Windows platform.
  • Updated H.264 player.
  • Live FLV streaming and playback supported.
  • Fixed a bug in uninstall SopCast on Windows 7.
  • Fixed a bug that channel can not auto start by non-admin user.
  • Fixed a bug that picture is slow to be shown on Windows 7.
  • Fixed a bug that error window propting when play advertisement.
  • Other minor bugs fixed
  • Added Russian language

Download and Install:

Step 1. Download SopPlayer from

Or you can download it from mirror sites which are listed on page
Step 2. Unzip with Winzip or Winrar to your hard disc.
Step 3. Go to the directory unzipped and Run Setup-SopCast-verion-num-build-time.exe to install SopCast, the Setup file looks like Setup-SopCast-2.0.4-2007-12-13.exe.
Step 4. Find SopCast in your "Start Menu" and run SopCast.exe.
Click the SopCast.exe  to start your SopCast experience!
login frame

Sign in with your username account register on . If you don't have a user name yet, you may choose to sign in anonymously or click the link on the bottom right to create a new account.
[notes] Most channels are available for anonymous users, so if you can't sign in with your account at peak time, please always try with anonymous user.
4. Home
When you sign in successfully, you will now see the home frame of SopCast as the picture shown below.
home frame
Some key links of Sopcast is listed in home tab, we can find more detail information about SopCast by clicking these links.
The layout of SopCast contains 3 sections as below:
Address Area: channels viewing history will be listed in drop-down box, you can input a sop address (such as sop:// or just the channel id 6001 in it to view a channel.
Tabs Area: includes Home, Live Channels, VoD Channels (from version 2.0.4), MyServer and FAQ 5 tabs.
Option Area: includes Sub(subscribe), Apply, Option and Logout 4 Buttons. Click Sub button to gain more channels (todo), click Apply button to Apply your own channel (todo).
5. Live Channel
Clicking "Live Channels" tab will list all available live channels now, as shown below:
Channel List
Channel list will be refreshed by system automatically. You can also refresh it by click "refresh" button.
The channels you subscribed will be listed on the top of the channel list if you have subscribed some.
Double-click channel name to open Player window and the channel will start automatically.
Channel list control buttons
channel ctr

 Press this button down to list all your favorite channels, press this button up to list all channels.
 Press this button to Expand/Collapse channel list.
 Press this button to Refresh channel list manually.
 Press this button to choose the way of sorting channels, this can be by channel group, by class, by channel id, by regions, by language and by favorite. You can also choose to view channel list in which language, nowadays English and Chinese are available.

 This blue bar is a channel quality indicator, click this bar to view detail information about this channel (as shown in the picture below).
Next to quality indicator are channel id, channel name and channel ratio in turn, channel ratio is marked by square brackets.
Channel Info Frame

Player Window:

Double-click channel name to open Player window and the channel will start automatically.
player window
Player Option Buttons
player ctr
hide main btn Press this button to hide main window and set player window top most. You can drag this window to any corner of your screen, thus you can watch channels while you surfing over Internet. Enjoy it.
display main Press this bottom to display main window, and switch channels.
zoom out Press this button to zoom out player window.
zoom in Press this button to zoom in player window.
add fav Press this button to Add the channel to your favorites.
record enable Press this button to record the channel.
record disable No channel is playing, the record button is disabled.
recording This button will displayed when the channel is recording
hide player Press this button to hide player window, this button is disabled when main window is hide.
Player control buttons
player ctl

Information bar, name of the playing channel, buffer, and live massage will be shown in it.
Buffer indicator, when the buffer grow up over 60, the channel will be played fluently.
Open in external player, Press this button to player the channel in external media player, such as Windows Media Player, vlc and RealPlayer etc.

26 November 2011

Install Nessus in Backtrack 5 Tutorial

Nessus is one of the best vulnerability scanner that is available in two mode for both home and commercial user's, nessus plug in for home user is free of cost. However we have OpenVAS and Nexpose they both are also a good vulnerability scanner and we have discussed several tutorials for them. Nessus installation in backtrack 5 was an easy work and we discuss it before but Backtrack 5 R1 does not have a default way to install nessus, so how to install Nessus in Backtrack 5 R1? You will get the answer.

There are mainly two ways to get Nessus on Backtrack 5 R1 first one is to download a copy of nessus from its official website but the easiest way is to use your terminal:

root@bt:~# apt-get install nessus

After getting Nessus on your Backtrack 5 R1 you need to add a user, you can add multiple user (s) as well, on the terminal type

root@bt:~# /opt/nessus/sbin/nessus-adduser

Registration phase is important and you need to decided that what you want a home feed or a business feed, for registration go
Than on the terminal type:
root@bt:~# /opt/nessus/bin/nessus-fetch --register YOUR KEY

Than you need to start nessus on the terminal type:

root@bt:~# /etc/init.d/nessusd start

Than at the browser use to start nessus.


22 November 2011

Game Console Hacking: Having Fun While Voiding Your Warranty eBook Tutorial

An avid (some would say rabid) community of video game hackers and hardware geeks has developed around a common passion to push their consoles, and the games themselves, beyond the functionality originally intended by the manufacturers. This book is the first on the market to cover the entire range of consoles produced over the last 25 years (most game hacks and geeks own multiple platforms). It provides detailed instructions on how to customize and reconfigure consoles to a wide variety of ends–from the cosmetic case modifications to the ambitious porting of Linux to the Nintendo GameCube. Platforms covered in this book include Atari, Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, and Gamepark 32.




16 November 2011

Stealing Passwords With Istealer 6.3

1. Free Download Istealer password stealer software to hack email account password.

2. Unzip the downloaded windows password stealer using Winzix or Winrar to obtain Istealer.

3. Go to a free webhosting service like 000webhost and sign up for free account. After creating free ftp server account, enable FTP Access and create a new folder named "Istealer" at your FTP.

Credits: Catman (HF)
[Image: 49442116.jpg]
Here we are signing up for our free webhost for iStealer.
When we go to Sign Up page,we will get this page.Follow as I explained on the picture.
[Image: 66303407.jpg]

At end press Create My Account

Making a MySQL Database

So,when we maked a free webhost,we will make a MySQL Database.
When you register to 000Webhost,wait 1 minute.Then go to Control Panel of your domain.
Now,scroll down and go to MySQL under » Software / Services.

[Image: lol4w.png]
Follow all as it on picture.
[Image: lol1u.png]

4. Run the iStealer6.3Legends.exe file present in iStealer6.3 folder to get something like:

5. Now, simply fill the following in Istealer:

6. You can bind Istealer to any other file by checking "Bind with another file" and giving file path to bind with. Also, you can use Icon Change to change Istealer file icon. This step is optional but, necessary for hiding password stealer from victim's eyes. You can bind password stealer file with fake error message as I have explained in "Fake Error Message generator" to make it look real.

7. To check whether you have entered right ftp server information, hit "Test Url" and if you have done it right, you will get message "Works perfect!". If it says "Logger not found, check the Url", you have entered something wrong... just check it again.

8. When you've done all above steps, simply hit on "Build" and save the password stealer file as you want. You can also use Crypter to avoid antivirus detection.

9. Now, simply send this password stealer file to victim and make him run this windows password stealer file on his computer(Social Engineering). After he runs our sent password stealer file on his computer, you will get all passwords and records saved on his computer at your FTP server.

That's it. Thus, you can hack email account password using Istealer- the windows password stealer software. Remember to crypt this windows Password stealer to make it undetectable by antivirusEnjoy...

15 November 2011

Unlock Memory Card Password (NEW)

As You know,
There is almost no way yet known to hack the memory card password in case of these types of phone but there is a way to do it some of the Nokia s60 3rd edition phones and almost all the E-series phones.
The remote lock option in E-Series phone allws you to unlock your phone by sending a sms.
The only thing you have to do is to activate this feature by going to Tools | Settings | Security | Phone and SIM | Allow remote lock menu. The password of your memory card will be your remote lock message.
So you have to just send a sms containing your remote lock message that will automatically change your memory card password.

Setting remote lock option Setting remote lock message

10 November 2011

GSM Secret Codes

Type *#61# and press call - Check call redirection status.
Cancel all redirections: ##002# *43#
Activate call waiting,to deactivate #43#.
(If your phone doesn't have Incoming call barring and outgoing call barring, you can try this.)
For outgoing call barring dial *33*barcode*# and press OK.
To deactivate it dial #33#barcode*#.
On any phone on any network type in **43# to enable conference calls .
(You can make up to 7 calls at once)
If you need to block SMS reception (if you are spammed by someone) Just press this code: *35*xxxx*16# xxxx is your Call Barring code (default is 0000).
To remove this barring type: #35*xxxx#
If you want to hide/show your phone number when calling, put one of these codes below in front of the number that you are going to call. (*#30# / *#31# or *31# / #31# ) Works on some networks.
Typing *0# or *nm# on the beginning of a txt message gives you detailed delivery report on some networks.. But turn off reports in message settings before.
When the sim card-pin blocked type **042*pin2 old*newpin2*newpin2*
You can try these codes at your own responsibility!.We are not responsible for any malfunction and we don't accept any complaints.


08 November 2011

Google Spying Facebook?

Facebook has introduced lots of new Features recently. Few days ago they have introduced the Facebook chat subscribe for the plugin they have made to use in blogger  pages and web sites. This will be the next version of it. When you subscribed to someones comments on a blog, it will  give notifications to you when he comment on that blog. That is the difference between Profile Subscription and Comment Subscription. Let's see some details and advantage  of this new Facebook comment indexing feature.

I Don't know why Facebook has given permissions to Google to access the Facebook chat and comments. That means third party sites can spy  on our chat history. That is something i won't like. it feels Facebook giving our privacy opened to others. Anonymous Hackers Team  said that facebook sell our details to third party Organizations and Government. Finally they have proved  that they going to reveal our privacy to another company.

Anyways there are a good side also. This will be better than Comment Subscription. Because when Google can index comments on pages and blog posts we can search for the comments as we do for blog posts. It will be useful to find a post in a blog which  have lots of similar type posts.Google will index comments both inside and outside from Facebook. When you use Facebook comment box on a blog like i used in this blog, Google bot or spiders will index comments while indexing posts. Still they don't index Facebook comments. Google still developing this system. It might take little time to develop and release. Let's wait till then. With indexed comments Facebook will give us lots of good SEO and keyword density.


05 November 2011

Make Your PC Faster | Hard Disk Computing

1) The very common and basic step is to uninstall unneeded things from control panel.

2) Delete temporarily stored files from computer. To do this, open Run and type %temp% and then delete all visible files.

3) This is important to install a good antivirus.Your antivirus will restrick autorun's and worms coming from externals and internet as they slow down your computer.

4) Check for errors and auto fix them.This can be done by right clicking on any drive and then on properties then on tools tab. Click check Now.New window will popup. Click on both checkboxes and then start.

5) Defragment all your drives to access them faster. To do this, follow 4th point , instead of check now click defragment and start the process.

6) Follow 4th and 5th point for all drives and then restart computer.

7) [Option, follow if you good in computing]Install a software called CCleaner, very small software but a must for every pc, after installing go to tools, click startup, now disable unneeded programs like adobe updater,DAP etc from start up of computer , a list is in front of you.

8) Clean your cooler fan every month if you use computer.

9) Add extra 1GB RAM if you think your pc is still slow but if you think your pc is virus affected then Format is the best and last option [Dont no how to format ? let me know, its very simple]

10) All the best. Happy computing :)

30 October 2011

How to Archive Mail

Archiving mails stores them for future use but removes them from your inbox, reducing clutter while promoting electronic data storage. Since Many Readers of This Blog Requested me for the "How to archive mail" Tutorial.I am Writing This one.Computer-based email clients such as Outlook have an archive function built in. However, with the exception of Gmail, webmail applications don't offer this function so users must archive their webmail through a computer-based client. Enabling archiving is easy; archiving the thousand of emails a user has can be time-consuming but not difficult. Choose the right method for your webmail client.Follow My Method and Forget Other email archive solutions Forever.


Note: The following procedure is valid only for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. You can determine which version you are using by opening Outlook and clicking on Help > About Microsoft Outlook.

     1.  Open Outlook.
  1. The Personal Folder file (.pst / PST) is the place where Outlook stores its data (when you're using Outlook without Microsoft® Exchange Server). Each Personal Folder file contains all of your Outlook folders, including the Inbox, Calendar, and Contacts. You may have a single .pst file (usually called "Internet Folders" or "Personal Folders" in your Folder List), and you may also have an additional .pst file that you use to archive messages (named "Archive Folders"). By backing up these PST files you will be backing up all your Outlook information.
  2. In previous versions of Outlook, it was difficult to locate the folder containing the personal folder files. Developers have made this task much easier in Outlook 2007.
  3. There are two ways to access the location of your data files. In the main menu, you can either click File > Data File Management... or Tools > Account Settings...

  4. If not already selected, click on the "Data Files" tab. You may have a single data file or multiple data files. These "Data Files" are where you store your email messages, calendar, tasks and other items.

  5. Highlight the data file that you are interested in backing up and click on the "Open Folder..." icon. Clicking on this icon will automatically launch Windows Explorer and take you to the location where this data file is stored.
  6. Within the folder you should find an outlook.pst file . Burn this file to a CDROM disk or other backup source. If you archive your email, be sure to backup the archive.pst file as well. Prior to backing up these files, Outlook will need to be closed.
  • The table below lists key Outlook files that you may want to back up in addition to your Personal Folder(s). You will need to completely exit Outlook prior to copying these files. Depending upon your configuration some or all of these files may be present in your Outlook directory.
  •  If you have followed the steps above to backup your Outlook data, restoring is simple. All you do is copy the backup PST file(s) into the folder that you located when you initially backed up your work.
The Method Is Similar For The Higher Versions of Outlook.

27 October 2011

Blogging and RSS Ebook Download

Information Today
ISBN : 1573873993
322 Pages
11.5 Mb

In this fully updated second edition of his popular 2006 book, author, internet trainer, and blogger Michael P. Sauers shows how blogging and RSS technology can be easily and successfully used by libraries and librarians. Sauers provides a wealth of useful examples and insights from librarian bloggers and provides easy-to-follow instructions for creating, publishing, and syndicating a blog using free web-based services, software, RSS feeds, and aggregators.




21 October 2011

Recover Deleted SMS Nokia

Hi Guys,Today we are going to discuss about how to recover deleted SMS Messages hence read them right on your phone. Now this trick is valid on Nokia Mobiles and I Tested it
and found this trick to be working successfully. Ok now what's the trick is that sometimes your SMS
Messages are saved to
memory card as they are received from your friends, sometimes this is the default function in Nokia Mobiles and sometimes you have the option to save them @ the place you want. So ok lets get started.

=> Things You Will Need:-

1. A Nokia Mobile supporting application download.

2. Second search for any File-Manager like ( FExplorer, Fileman or any other )

3. Install that application on your cellphone.

4. Now when everything is ready follow the below steps .:

=>Procedure to Read Deleted SMS in Mobile Phone:-

1. Open your File-Manager i.e.. FExplorer or Fileman

2. Select the memory card drive that can be C: or D: just check it out.

3. Now after opening drive navigate to System > Mail

4. Now in Mail folder you will see different folders like ( 0010001_s )

5. Now the above folders are the actual messages which you are going to read, now there will be many folders which are actually all the
messages now search for the one you are browsing and than do not open that directly as it will not be supported, choose the one you wanna open than choose open > file > hex/ text viewer.

6. That’s it now you are reading the deleted SMS which you can copy or transfer into other phone by sending it through Bluetooth.

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