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04 July 2009

Orkut scrapbook Flooder : How to Increase your orkut scraps

In this article “Orkut flooder” i will now inform about orkut flooder script which will increase your or friend’s scraps in scrapbook. Just follow steps below and increase orkut scraps.

Orkut scrapbook flooder

Steps on how to use Orkut scrap flooder :

1. Copy the orkut flooder script given below.

javascript:i=0;sar=document.getElementsByTagName(’TEXTAREA’).item(0).value;document.body.innerHTML+=’’;document.forms[1].target=’TextFlooding’;setInterval(” document.getElementsByTagName(’TEXTAREA’).item(0).value=sar +’ ‘+ i;a=submitForm(document.forms[1], ’submit’, ”);i++”,2000);void(0)

2. Now, login to your orkut account and open orkut scrapbook. Paste this copied orkut scrapbook flooder script in address bar in one line and hit enter. If you want to flood friend’s orkut scrapbook, open his orkut scrapbook and follow steps mentioned above.

3. Please do not overuse this orkut hack/trick. It can freeze orkut account for sometime or may be permanent in worst case.

I hope you now know how to use orkut scrapbook flooder . I have tried to keep it simple to help you in orkut scrapbook flooder. If you have any views or problems about orkut scrapbook flooder, mention it in comments section.

Enjoy Orkutting…..

Note : Due to recent update, this orkut hack is no more working. Sorry guys for inconvenience.

Orkut scraps : Best orkut glitter graphics for orkut scraps

Now, in this article on orkut scraps, i will mention about orkut scraps sources. Orkut is most famous social network of India and what makes it more appealing is capacity to send various orkut glitter graphics as orkut scraps. So, i have listed below 10 sites that provide best orkut glitter graphics to send as orkut scraps.

Send Orkut glitter graphics as Orkut scraps :

Friends, the 10 sites i found best for orkut scraps are listed below :

1. Orkut Scraps

2. Cool Orkut Glitter Graphics for Scraps

3. Orkut Glitter

4. World4Art

5. Glitter Graphics

6. Orkut Masti

7. Comments Guru

8. Scrap masala

9. All glitter graphics

10. Add Glitter

So guys, if you are searching for best orkut glitter graphics for orkut scraps, then i hope this article on orkut scraps will provide what you needed. Use the above sites to send orkut scraps to orkut friends. If you find any other site great for orkut scraps, just mention that site in comments.

Enjoy orkut scraps with glitter graphics…

10 Most popular Orkut Applications on Orkut

Orkut applications have added new flavour to orkut - made orkut more user friendly. There are many orkut applications, infact, currently there are more than “3900″ orkut applications. Out of these orkut applications, i have sorted some most useful popular 10 orkut applications for you. Just check out these orkut applications to see whether you dont miss any and your favorite orkut applications is listed.

Orkut applications logo

Most popular useful orkut Applications :

The orkut applications i found great are :

1. Buddypoke :

This is so far most popular orkut application, i found. This orkut application allows you to express yourself! Hug, kiss, tickle, or punch your friends with your own personalized 3D avatar.

2. Slapster :

Don’t just poke your friends, slap’em around with Slapster! Select your friend’s orkut profile picture and slap it around as hard as you can with this fun application!

3. Chakpak :

The application for Indian movie lovers. Rate and review any movie, from Sholay to Jab We Met, from Sivaji to Pather Panchali. View latest wallpapers of your favorite actors and actresses including Shahrukh, Katrina, Rajnikanth. Have fun with thousands of quizzes, discussions, and movie taste matcher.

4. Stylish Orkut Fonts :

Decorate and Design Yours Orkut Profile Using Stylish Orkut Fonts,Create Unique and Colorful Orkut Profile and Scraps Using Colorful Scrap Generator,Play Puzzles and Mind Games ,Chat Yahoo Msn Aol Gmail Friends and Attract Orkut Users Toward yours Profile.Also watch Latest Bollywood Movie Information On Theater and Many More Install Apps and Enjoy !!!

5. Chat :

Chat with all your online Orkut/GTalk/Yahoo/MSN friends. As simple as that! New - Now chat with your Yahoo/MSN friends too. Also check your GMail as you browse Orkut!

6. Horoscope :

Are the stars aligning for you? Find out with a RockYou horoscope and get regular updates for your sign.

7. Chatrooms :

Chat with everyone on Orkut! Chat Rooms is simple, clean and offers many rooms of interest to chat. Also provides full privacy to your Orkut profile!

8. Buy your friends :

Buy your friends, keep them as your pets, sell yourself and find your worth, be a virtual tycoon.

9. Emote :

Bored, Happy, Glum? We’ve got an ever growing list of emoticons to show off how you feel. This orkut application adds smileys and emoticons to your orkut.

10. Photobuzz :

Make your friends smile! Animate their photos with Hugs, kisses, hearts and much more.. One of most popular orkut applications.

These are some of many orkut applications i found great and so mentioning these orkut applications in this article for 10 popular orkut applications. There may be other orkut applications you like more than these. Am i missing your favorite orkut application ?? If so, please share that orkut application with me and others in comments section.

Enjoy Orkut applications…

BSNL trick : Increase BSNL Internet Dataone/Broadband Connection speed

Many BSNL Broadband and BSNL Cellone Dataone users (including me) are frustated by BSNL DNS servers. These BSNL DNS are very unresponsive. The look up takes a long duration and many times just time out. I was much frustated by BSNL. But, since this is most cost-effective, i decided to search for solution to speed up BSNL Internet Broadband and finally presenting you this BSNL Hack to increase BSNL Dataone/Broadband speed.

Speed up BSNL Broadband Dataone

Speed up BSNL Dataone/Broadband Internet Connection:

To overcome slow BSNL DNS problem, we will use high speed DNS servers from OpenDNS. OpenDNS is third party DNS Server used to speed up BSNL Broadband internet connection.

Steps to speed up BSNL Dataone/Broadband Internet :

1. Open Control Panel -> Networking and Sharing Center -> Manage Network Connection.

2. Now a window showing all networks will be opened. Select BSNL Connection -> Right click -> Properties.

3. Now, double click on Internet Protocol Version(TCP/IPv4) and in newly opened window at bottom, select “Use the following DNS Server address” .

4. And fill these 2 DNS Addresses in two fields:

and hit OK. Thats it. Your BSNL Internet Broadband DNS Servers changed.

Now, your BSNL internet broadband speed will be increased. Thus, you can now enjoy high speed BSNL Internet broadband. I hope you’ll like this BSNL Internet speed increasing hack/trick. If you have any problem or other high speed BSNL DNS Servers, please mention it in comments section.


6 Yahoo Messenger hacks on how to find hidden / invisible friends

Yahoo messenger is popular instant messenger. But, i used to get frustrated when some of my friends used to hide on Yahoo messenger and one is not able to know whether your Yahoo messenger friend is online or invisible and hidden. So, these hidden / invisible friends on Yahoo messenger cannot be revealed normally and hence, i will inform you over here, 6 hacks to find hidden / invisible friends on Yahoo Messenger.

6 ways to find invisible friends on Yahoo Messenger :

1. Buddyspy :

This program Buddyspy is intended to inform you about current status of your friend on Yahoo Messenger. It is also useful in knowing current activity of Yahoo Messenger user. It informs you whether user is online, what chat rooms they are in, whether their webcam is online.

Yahoo messenger hidden invisible friends Buddyspy

2. Xeeber :

Xeeber is an Yahoo Messenger useful online service used to know current status of Yahoo Messenger user whether he is online, offline or in invisible or hidden mode.

Hack Yahoo messenger Xeeber

3. Yahoo Invisible scanner :

Yahoo Invisible scanner is a Yahoo messenger useful service same as Xeeber. Here, you have to enter friend’s Yahoo ID to know his current status and find out whether he is hiding. Thanks Boxx for your apt comment.

4. Vngrabber :

This is most efficient Yahoo messenger invisible user checker, superior to even Xeeber in many aspects. Here, you have to enter Yahoo ID of your Yahoo messenger friend to know whether he is in invisible mode on Yahoo messenger. The main problem of Vngrabber is its busy most of times and you are not even able to visit it.

5. Buddycheck :

This is different from above all which are mostly online services. Buddycheck is a software program which allows you to add friends to contact list and then view their current status whether they are hiding or are invisible. The program is priced $19.95, but you can use its trial version for free for 10 days (too short !!) .

yahoo messenger hacking software Buddycheck

6. Doodle IMvironment trick :

What you do here is simply open your friend’s IM box and send him a message. Then change the IMvironment to Doodle. After Doodle loads (1-2 minutes) , it will display the message “Waiting for your friend to load Doodle”, if your friend is offline. But, if he is online, it will appear blank.

So friends, try out one of these 6 Yahoo messenger hacks and find out your hidden invisible friends on Yahoo messenger. I have used most of these Yahoo messenger services and found to be working cool. If you have any problem using these ways to find hidden invisible Yahoo messenger friends, just mention it in comments section.


Free animated emoticons : Hidden Yahoo messenger emoticons emotions & smileys

Now, in this emoticon article, i will inform about free hidden Yahoo messenger smileys and emoticons. These smileys and emoticons are normally hidden in Yahoo messenger. Hence, i will tell you about these free hidden Yahoo messenger emoticons over here.

Hack Yahoo messenger hidden smileys emoticons

Yahoo messenger emoticons and smileys :

Below i have listed around 33 hidden animated Yahoo messenger emoticons and smileys you can use. I have added symbol section below each emoticon image. Just use the symbol and send your hidden animated Yahoo messenger emoticon to your friend.

Emoticon: puppy dog eyes
Symbol: :o3
Description: Puppy dog eyes

Emoticon: garupale
Symbol: :-??
Description: I don’t know

Emoticon: bising
Symbol: %-(
Description: Not listening

Emoticon: pig
Symbol: :@)
Description: Pig

Emoticon: cow
Symbol: 3:-O
Description: Cow

Emoticon: monkey
Symbol: :(|)
Description: Monkey

Emoticon: ayam
Symbol: ~:>
Description: Chicken

Emoticon: ros
Symbol: @};-
Description: Rose

Emoticon: good luck
Symbol: %%-
Description: Good luck

Emoticon: flag
Symbol: **==
Description: Flag

Emoticon: pumpkin
Symbol: (~~)
Description: Pumpkin

Emoticon: idea
Symbol: *-:)
Description: Idea

Emoticon: skull
Symbol: 8-X
Description: Skull

Emoticon: bug
Symbol: =:)
Description: Bug

Emoticon: alien
Symbol: >-)
Description: Alien

Emoticon: frustrated
Symbol: :-L
Description: Frustrated

Emoticon: doa
Symbol: [-O<
Description: Praying

Emoticon: duit
Symbol: $-)
Description: Money eyes

Emoticon: siul
Symbol: :-”
Description: Whistling

Emoticon: tumbuk
Symbol: b-(
Description: Feeling beat up

Emoticon: peace
Symbol: :)>-
Description: Peace sign

Emoticon: takbole
Symbol: [-X
Description: Shame on you

Emoticon: menari
Symbol: \:D/
Description: Dancing

Emoticon: marisini
Symbol: >:/
Description: Bring it on

Emoticon: ihikhik
Symbol: ;))
Description: Hee hee

Emoticon: banyakckp
Symbol: :-@
Description: Chatterbox

Emoticon: sembah
Symbol: ^:)^
Description: Worship

Emoticon: gatai
Symbol: :-j
Description: Oh go on

Emoticon: star
Symbol: (*)
Description: Star

Emoticon: men2
Symbol: o->
Description: Hero

Emoticon: billy
Symbol: o=>
Description: Billy

Emoticon: women
Symbol: o-+
Description: April

Emoticon: yin yang
Symbol: (%)
Description: Yin yang

These are free hidden Yahoo messenger emotions and smileys which you normally can’t use. Now, just use mentioned symbols and use these yahoo messenger emoticons for free. Most of them are yahoo messenger smileys and not messenger emotions. But, still they can be used in yahoo messenger as emotions. If you have list of more Yahoo messenger emoticons or smileys and emotions, please share with me and others in comments section.


BSNL usage tricks : How to check BSNL usage for BSNL Internet Broadband

i informed about BSNL hacks to save BSNL usage and thus reduce BSNL bill. Saving BSNL usage is not important for BSNL unlimited plan users, but is certainly important for 250 plan users. I switched to BSNL unlimited plan as 250 plan really sucks for internet addicts like me. Anyways, coming to point, in this BSNL article, i will inform you about way to check BSNL bandwidth usage. Checking BSNL usage is necessary for limited BSNL broadband plans to reduce BSNL bill.
Check bsnl usage bandwidth for BSNL internet broadband

Check BSNL Usage of BSNL internet broadband :

There are two ways of checking BSNL bandwidth usage:
A. Using BSNL site
B. Using third party BSNL bandwidth monitoring software

A. Using BSNL site :

> Simply go to BSNL usage checker site and there you will see something like this :
> Now, simply enter Portal ID and password that you have received from BSNL and hit “Submit”.
> After logging in to ur BSNL account, click on View Usage and you can see your monthly BSNL usage.

B. Using third party BSNL bandwidth monitoring software :

Here, we use BSNL usage monitoring software. There are many such BSNL usage monitoring softwares like Shaplus Bandwidth meter and Datafox.

> If you are a firefox user, install firefox addon to check BSNL usage. This addon to check BSNL bandwidth usage is called Datafox. Install Datafox to check BSNL usage.

> But, if you are not firefox user, then simply download Shaplus Bandwidth meter .
> Install downloaded file on your computer and after installation Shaplus Bandwidth meter will tell you BSNL usage based on your current session, current day and also of current month.

So guys, i hope now you are able to check BSNL usage of your BSNL Internet Broadband. Use the above methods to check BSNL usage of Bsnl internet broadband to reduce BSNL bill. If you have more tricks on how to check BSNL usage for BSNL Internet Broadband, please mention it in comments.


9 SEO Tips to increase Google search ranking

I have seen in many blogging forums such questions “How can increase my google search ranking” asked by newbies. So, i have written this article for bloggers to answer their question. I have listed 9 onpage SEO optimization tips to help you improve your google rankings. Just implement these SEO tips and see your search engine rankings boosting and hence traffic increasing. I have even written an article on How I doubled my site traffic .. may help you.

SEO Tips

Onpage optimization to increase Google ranking:

The 9 tips to improve google ranking are given as:

1. Keywords :

Keywords are the words used by users to search for results. So, use of right keywords in posts help in increasing google rank and thus attracting high traffic from search engines. You can use Google adwords or various keyword softwares to track proper keywords that suit your article.

2. Title :

It is title that is seen first by search engine spiders rather than article body. So, use of right keywords in article title helps in increasing site traffic from search engine.

3. header tags :

This is very important part of onpage optimisation, which i was neglecting so long. These header tags h1, h2,h3,h4 are used to indicate title and subtitles according to their hierarchies. I will write an article on this separately.

4. strong and em tags :

Use strong and em tags to highlight content. Also, what is more advantageous is , these strong and em tags are used to inform spiders “what the content is about”. So, use strong and em tags for keywords. But, dont overuse them.

5. Image alt tags :

Generally, while including image in post, we just enter image tag with its source (img src=”"). Alongwith this, include alt tags which tell search engine spiders about what image is actually about. Try using keywords in alt tags.

6. Anchor text :

While using links in posts, it is general practice to use “here” or “site” as anchor text. For example, to provide a download link to software, one use “Download here” as anchor text. But, it would be better if you use “Download software here” as anchor text.

7. Title tags :

When anchor text is optimized, its time to look at title tags. Title tags come in role when you hover mouse over a link and content of title tags are displayed without user clicking link. This title tag is used to inform search engine spiders about site you are linking to. So, why not use this title tag to include keywords??? So, title tags with keywords help in SEO.

8. New unique content :

It is my general observation that search engine prefers new content than redundant copied content. So, try out your innovation to write on new topics or if you dont have new topic, just develop your own way of presenting the topic and remember “NEVER COPY”. Yes, you can use other articles to get ideas on subject but dont be a copycat. You are a BLOGGER and not a Copycat.

9. Start and end :

Usually, it is seen that stuffing keywords at start and end of article increases chances of getting high search engine rank. So, it is beneficial to use keywords at start and end of article.

Guys, just try out these tricks and you’ll find your google traffic increasing. These tips have helped me a lot in getting google hits. I hope they may help you. If you know any SEO tricks not mentioned in article, but has helped you in getting google traffic, please mention it in comments section.

Enjoy Blogging…

Gmail password recovery : Recover lost forgotten Gmail password

After my articles on password recovery , i was asked by many readers to write on Gmail password recovery. So friends, i am back with an article on gmail password recovery to recovery forgotten Gmail password. If you have forgotten Gmail password and want to recover gmail password, just use this Gmail software - Gmail password recovery to recover Gmail password.

Gmail logo

How does Gmail password recovery work???

Gmail password recovery recovers gmail password by searching your computer for locally stored gmail passwords. For Gmail password recovery to recover Gmail password, you should have checked “Remember me on this computer” while you login to your gmail account.

Gmail password recovery:

1. Download Gmail password recovery to recover Forgotten gmail password.

2. Unzip downloaded file and install software on computer.

3. Run the Gmail password recovery software.

Gmail password recovery

4. Now, simply click on “Recover Password” to recover forgotten Gmail password.

5. Gmail password recovery recovers or extracts saved gmail passwords from :
# Google Talk
# Gmail Notifier
# Google Desktop
# Google Picasa
# Google Photos Screensaver
# Internet Explorer and
# Firefox

So if you have saved your Gmail passwords anywhere in above applications, you can easily recover lost forgotten gmail password using Gmail password recovery. So guys, use this Gmail software - Gmail password recovery to recover lost forgotten gmail passwords. Gmail password recovery displays recovered Gmail passwords in plain text form. So, it can be easily used to recover locally stored gmail passwords. If you have any problem in using this Gmail password recovery to recover Gmail account password, mention it in comments section.

Enjoy Gmail password recovery…

Password finder :Reveal password under hidden asterisk of Internet explorer

Previously, in my article Gmail Password Finder, i mentioned about use of Gmail password finder software for lost forgotten password recovery. Today, i will tell about password finder software to recover lost password, reveal hidden asterisk password - Asterie Zip. This password finder software is used to reveal hidden asterisk passwords.

Password finder asterisk

How does Password finder work???

What this password finder software does is reveal passwords hidden under asterisk. Thus, if you visit any site and if browser itself fills the password field by asterisks, then you can use this password finder software to see reveal passwords hidden under asterisks.

How to use Asterie Zip to reveal password:

1. Download Password finder software - Asterie Zip.

2. Unzip the file and install this password finder software.

3. Now, open Internet Explorer and visit the site for which you wanna reveal password.

Asterie Zip

4. After page is loaded and password field is filled with asterisk, click on “Show internet Explorer passwords” and our password finder software - Asterie key will reveal passwords hidden under asterisk password.

Thats it. Thus, password finder can be used to reveal password under asterisk password. After you get your password, save it to safe location so that you will not forget it again. If you have any problem in using this password finder software to reveal password hidden under asterisk, please mention it in comments.

Enjoy password finder to reveal password hidden under asterisk…

Unblock Proxy sites | New free proxy websites - Proxy servers

As reference to my articles on Unblock proxy sites where I talked about many free proxy sites and proxy servers. Some of readers mentioned that previous unblock proxy sites were blocked at their school or office. Hence, I have mentioned below list of unblock proxy sites. These new proxy sites list may help you out.

Proxy sites

So guys.. try out these new proxy sites I found useful to unblock websites. I will find my purpose served even if you’ll get one proxy site to unblock websites. Please reply back for this article on unblock proxy site server. If you have any useful unblock proxy sites servers to unblock websites, please mention them in comments.

Enjoy proxy sites to unblock websites…

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