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04 July 2009

BSNL usage tricks : How to check BSNL usage for BSNL Internet Broadband

i informed about BSNL hacks to save BSNL usage and thus reduce BSNL bill. Saving BSNL usage is not important for BSNL unlimited plan users, but is certainly important for 250 plan users. I switched to BSNL unlimited plan as 250 plan really sucks for internet addicts like me. Anyways, coming to point, in this BSNL article, i will inform you about way to check BSNL bandwidth usage. Checking BSNL usage is necessary for limited BSNL broadband plans to reduce BSNL bill.
Check bsnl usage bandwidth for BSNL internet broadband

Check BSNL Usage of BSNL internet broadband :

There are two ways of checking BSNL bandwidth usage:
A. Using BSNL site
B. Using third party BSNL bandwidth monitoring software

A. Using BSNL site :

> Simply go to BSNL usage checker site and there you will see something like this :
> Now, simply enter Portal ID and password that you have received from BSNL and hit “Submit”.
> After logging in to ur BSNL account, click on View Usage and you can see your monthly BSNL usage.

B. Using third party BSNL bandwidth monitoring software :

Here, we use BSNL usage monitoring software. There are many such BSNL usage monitoring softwares like Shaplus Bandwidth meter and Datafox.

> If you are a firefox user, install firefox addon to check BSNL usage. This addon to check BSNL bandwidth usage is called Datafox. Install Datafox to check BSNL usage.

> But, if you are not firefox user, then simply download Shaplus Bandwidth meter .
> Install downloaded file on your computer and after installation Shaplus Bandwidth meter will tell you BSNL usage based on your current session, current day and also of current month.

So guys, i hope now you are able to check BSNL usage of your BSNL Internet Broadband. Use the above methods to check BSNL usage of Bsnl internet broadband to reduce BSNL bill. If you have more tricks on how to check BSNL usage for BSNL Internet Broadband, please mention it in comments.


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