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04 July 2009

10 Most popular Orkut Applications on Orkut

Orkut applications have added new flavour to orkut - made orkut more user friendly. There are many orkut applications, infact, currently there are more than “3900″ orkut applications. Out of these orkut applications, i have sorted some most useful popular 10 orkut applications for you. Just check out these orkut applications to see whether you dont miss any and your favorite orkut applications is listed.

Orkut applications logo

Most popular useful orkut Applications :

The orkut applications i found great are :

1. Buddypoke :

This is so far most popular orkut application, i found. This orkut application allows you to express yourself! Hug, kiss, tickle, or punch your friends with your own personalized 3D avatar.

2. Slapster :

Don’t just poke your friends, slap’em around with Slapster! Select your friend’s orkut profile picture and slap it around as hard as you can with this fun application!

3. Chakpak :

The application for Indian movie lovers. Rate and review any movie, from Sholay to Jab We Met, from Sivaji to Pather Panchali. View latest wallpapers of your favorite actors and actresses including Shahrukh, Katrina, Rajnikanth. Have fun with thousands of quizzes, discussions, and movie taste matcher.

4. Stylish Orkut Fonts :

Decorate and Design Yours Orkut Profile Using Stylish Orkut Fonts,Create Unique and Colorful Orkut Profile and Scraps Using Colorful Scrap Generator,Play Puzzles and Mind Games ,Chat Yahoo Msn Aol Gmail Friends and Attract Orkut Users Toward yours Profile.Also watch Latest Bollywood Movie Information On Theater and Many More Install Apps and Enjoy !!!

5. Chat :

Chat with all your online Orkut/GTalk/Yahoo/MSN friends. As simple as that! New - Now chat with your Yahoo/MSN friends too. Also check your GMail as you browse Orkut!

6. Horoscope :

Are the stars aligning for you? Find out with a RockYou horoscope and get regular updates for your sign.

7. Chatrooms :

Chat with everyone on Orkut! Chat Rooms is simple, clean and offers many rooms of interest to chat. Also provides full privacy to your Orkut profile!

8. Buy your friends :

Buy your friends, keep them as your pets, sell yourself and find your worth, be a virtual tycoon.

9. Emote :

Bored, Happy, Glum? We’ve got an ever growing list of emoticons to show off how you feel. This orkut application adds smileys and emoticons to your orkut.

10. Photobuzz :

Make your friends smile! Animate their photos with Hugs, kisses, hearts and much more.. One of most popular orkut applications.

These are some of many orkut applications i found great and so mentioning these orkut applications in this article for 10 popular orkut applications. There may be other orkut applications you like more than these. Am i missing your favorite orkut application ?? If so, please share that orkut application with me and others in comments section.

Enjoy Orkut applications…

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