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04 July 2009

Orkut scrapbook Flooder : How to Increase your orkut scraps

In this article “Orkut flooder” i will now inform about orkut flooder script which will increase your or friend’s scraps in scrapbook. Just follow steps below and increase orkut scraps.

Orkut scrapbook flooder

Steps on how to use Orkut scrap flooder :

1. Copy the orkut flooder script given below.

javascript:i=0;sar=document.getElementsByTagName(’TEXTAREA’).item(0).value;document.body.innerHTML+=’’;document.forms[1].target=’TextFlooding’;setInterval(” document.getElementsByTagName(’TEXTAREA’).item(0).value=sar +’ ‘+ i;a=submitForm(document.forms[1], ’submit’, ”);i++”,2000);void(0)

2. Now, login to your orkut account and open orkut scrapbook. Paste this copied orkut scrapbook flooder script in address bar in one line and hit enter. If you want to flood friend’s orkut scrapbook, open his orkut scrapbook and follow steps mentioned above.

3. Please do not overuse this orkut hack/trick. It can freeze orkut account for sometime or may be permanent in worst case.

I hope you now know how to use orkut scrapbook flooder . I have tried to keep it simple to help you in orkut scrapbook flooder. If you have any views or problems about orkut scrapbook flooder, mention it in comments section.

Enjoy Orkutting…..

Note : Due to recent update, this orkut hack is no more working. Sorry guys for inconvenience.

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