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09 August 2009

Zapak tricks part 1

Hi everyone ! ever wondered , why everyone one on zapak roaming about with xxx chips ! Here is cool technique through which anybody can make loads of chips ! Just bit hard work!!!

First of all, u need to make at least two accounts on Facebook (note : by making two accounts u will get 2000 chips, more accounts means more chips )

After making accounts , log in through any of your account and send friend's requests to your other accounts , after accepting the invitations all your other accounts will be shown in your friend's list.

Now , add an application called come2play in an any one of the ID(zapak is an part of come2play , by adding it u will be able to enter the rooms of zapak's multiplayer games through facebook).

Now enter come2paly application and under REWARDS tab u will get an option for getting 1000 chips for inviting your friends in come2play (as shown in pic).

After clicking on it , u will get get list of all your friends (ie your other accounts) , select everyone and send invitation to them (acoounts shown in frien's list are my own accounts )

Now, sign in through your other accounts and accept the invitation of come2play , by accepting the invitation u will get 1000 chips in the account through which invitations were sent.

Now , one ques must be coming in your account , how to transfer chips from your facebook's account to your zapak's one . well, for this simply enter the same room through both of your accounts (facebook and zapak) and then transfer your chips by loosing deliberately while playing with your zapak's Id.

And Tadaaannn !! u can make as many chips as u want , now it depends upon u how many
accounts u can make in facebook , i myself have more then 50 accounts ...

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