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31 August 2009

Exxxtend Window Vista Activation Period

Window Vista has a built-in Visual Basic Script which allows its user to increase the trial period of vista by 30 days. u can use this script a total of 3 times , hence extending the trail period to upto 120 days. The process is known as "Rearming".

Usage of this script will not result in any violation of Window End-User License Agreement.

How it works:-

1. Goto Start> All Programs>Accesories>Command Prompt

2. Right click on command Prompt and click "Run as Administrator"

3. It will redirect u to this location


If not, then move to this location.

4. Now type the script and hit enter.

Script is:
cscript slmgr.vbs -rearm

5. The command will take some time to execute and will ask u to restart ur system.

After restart u will see ur Activation period again to 30 days.


The script will not work if the activation period has ended and vista has entered into lock down mode.

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