Windows XP Dark Edition V.7 Rebirth Power Pack V1.9.40.0 DVD April 2009 | 4.36 GB
Windows Xp Dark Edition V 7 Rebirth Power Pack V1 9 40 0 Dvd

Windows Xp Dark Edition V 7 Rebirth Power Pack V1 9 40 0 Dvd

Drivers Intergated
- Intel ICH7R/M ICH8R/M ICH9R/M or ICH10R/D S-ATA AHCI and RAID Controllers
- nForce2/3/4 SataRAID and PataRAID systems

All In One Driver
- DriverPack Chipset
- DriverPack CPU
- DriverPack Graphics
- DriverPack LAN
- DriverPack MassStorage
- DriverPack Sound
- DriverPack WLAN

——- credit———–
Wallpaper/ Setup Billboard =>> Ophous Form The Liquives vol2 by Uribaani
OOBE =>> se7en black by jasoncook79
Login =>> UAF Wallpapers by ~Vagia-Giannis
Sound System =>> Glass and Pearl Sound Scheme by Rhor
Theme Da7kStyle Beta1 Edit By Catalogk With Win 7 Alpha Remix And Vista XP Source
Boot Menu =>> Aero StudiO 2008
Dark Bar Boot Screen =>> By Catalogk
Kels CPLBonus addon v9.2.6 =>> Kelsenellenelvian
WGA Validation AddOn =>> redxii
RVMAddons 1.9.0 =>>
RVMUpdatePackSP3 1.0.3 =>>
OnePiece WindowsMediaPlayer 11 True AddOn v1.4.1 =>> nonno fabio and Boooggy s
RefreshClock Addon =>> ricktendo64 Mod By Catalogk
VistaRTMFonts AddOn =>> ricktendo64
Regtweak =>> Catalogk
DirectX 9.0c End-User Runtime AddOn =>> redxii
Icon System =>> Rhor
Icon A Different Vista =>> waiteng86
Windows Sidebar v6.0.6001.22303 =>>ricktendo64
Internet Explorer 8 Final
CD Shell Boot Table CD

——- Update ——-
- RVMUpdatePackSP3 1.0.3
- RVMUpdatePackSP2 2.2.5
- RyanVM s AddOn Version 1.9.0
- KelsCPLBonus addon Version 9.2.8
- DirectX 9.0c End-User Runtime AddOn 0.6.0 redxii
- OnePiece Windows Media Player 11 True AddOn v1.4.1
- Ricks VistaRTMFonts AddOn v1.1
- WGA Validation AddOn redxii
- Vista RTM Boot Screen Dark Bar By catalogk
- Oeminfo
- Ricktendo64 RefreshClock
- NR CursorsAIO
- Vista DRIVE Indicator DarkLite Mod
- Adobe Flash 10 By Catalog

—– Full Option —–
- IE8 Final
- Side Bar

—– Option Program —–
- Styler
- Visual Task Tip
- WinFlip
- Windows Blinds

—- SP2 —-

What s Included Latest Version: 2.2.5
Windows XP Hotfixes
KB281981 - Disconnected sessions retain the original variable
KB873339 - Vulnerability in HyperTerminal could allow code execution
KB884575 - Battery power may be drained more quickly than expected on Windows XP-based

KB885836 - Vulnerability in WordPad could allow code execution
KB886677 - DBCS characters appear corrupted when browsing site using Shift-JIS encoding
KB887472 - Security update to Microsoft Windows Messenger
KB887606 - Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML) uses cached credentials incorrectly
KB888111 - Universal Audio Architecture High Definition Audio Class Driver Version 1.0a
KB889016 - Cannot obtain debug information about the resource objects of Application

Verifier stop errors
KB889320 - Computer Browser service stops and Event ID 7023 is logged after Windows

Firewall service disabled
KB889673 - DEP-enabled computer may unexpectedly quit after resuming from standby or

KB892489 - Antivirus scan may increase the number of open handles for the svchost.exe

KB893008 - PAL format digital video cameras are incorrectly detected as NTSC format

digital video cameras
KB893756 - Vulnerability in Telephony service could allow remote code execution
KB894395 - IME Composition or Candidate window remains visible even after losing focus

when using Japanese IME
KB896344 - Can t transfer files and settings from computer running 32-bit Windows XP to

KB959237 - Internet Explorer crashes when browsing a page that fetches and filters a

recordset asynchronously from an instance of SQL Server
KB959267 - After repeatedly docking and undocking a portable computer unable to change

state of attached network device
KB959334 - Text that has the font set to Arial Black and the font style set to bold may

change so that the font style is set to italic opening the document
KB959439 - After uploading encrypted files to a WebDAV share the files remain encrypted
KB959465 - Write protection does not always work on SD memory cards
KB960071 - An access violation occurs when using an application that calls the

SQLExecDirect function of the SQL Server ODBC driver to run a long query
KB960380 - A hyperlink control that is used to open a file or an e-mail message fails in

an application that uses MSXML 6.0
KB960417 - When running an application that uses the SystemTimeToTzSpecificLocalTime

function performance is very poor
KB960680 - Update the Slovak koruna currency symbol (Sk) to the Euro (?) the Turkish

currency symbol from Yeni T?rk Lirasi (YTL) to T?rk Lirasi (TL)
KB960714 - Security update for Internet Explorer

Other Updates
Adobe Flash Player ActiveX Control
Code65536 FontReg 2.1.1
Microsoft European Union Expansion Font Update 1.2
Microsoft Qfecheck
Microsoft Update 7.2.6001.788
MSXML 4.0 SP2 (Includes KB954430 Hotfix)

Miscellaneous Tweaks
KB873374 - Microsoft GDI+ Detection Tool Registry Entry
KB890830 - Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool 2.6
Windows XP SP3 WBEM Fix
WGA Validation AddOn - v1.9.40.0 for 32-bit XP
Contains WGA Validation Tool version of LegitCheckControl.dll Validation tool

only no Notifications.
Build date: 04/12/2009

Windows Xp Dark Edition V 7 Rebirth Power Pack V1 9 40 0 Dvd

Windows Xp Dark Edition V 7 Rebirth Power Pack V1 9 40 0 Dvd
Windows Xp Dark Edition V 7 Rebirth Power Pack V1 9 40 0 Dvd
Windows Xp Dark Edition V 7 Rebirth Power Pack V1 9 40 0 Dvd

Windows Xp Dark Edition V 7 Rebirth Power Pack V1 9 40 0 Dvd


DOWNLOAD Windows Xp Dark Edition V 7 Rebirth Power Pack V1 9 40 0 Dvd


DOWNLOAD Windows Xp Dark Edition V 7 Rebirth Power Pack V1 9 40 0 Dvd

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