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31 August 2009

Make animated sigs - Easy way

I have seen other tuts to make animated sigs as well.. but since I didn't understand them
I am making a new tut.. which is slightly easier than others
Hope u like it !

How to make an animated sig ?

Before knowing the steps of making the animated signature.. You need to have
some basic things

1) Adobe Imageready
2) Gif file.. which you want to add in your signature

I guess you all have the software "Adobe Imageready"
If not, I will provide the download link later in the tut.

Now for the gif. file, go to any sites which has gifs

Now right click on any one gif and save it .
Lets move on towards the steps to make animated signatures .

1) Open Imageready and open the gif file

2) Go to Image --> Image size , change the size to 150X 150 pixels

3) Now go to File --> Save Optimized As and save the file .

4) Go to

5) Click on "Your own figurines" at the left of the page

6) Then Upload the gif file which u have saved earlier

Now write the font and do colour settings in the box which is present at the right of
the page. When You are done press "OK"

7) Your signature is ready

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