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26 June 2011

New Way to Save Youtube Videos

Open the YouTube video page in firefox 3. Allow the video to play once.

Now the video is finished playing. Open a new tab in firefox 3. In the location bar (address bar) type


and press enter. A new page will load. In the page see the heading

Disk cache device

Under that there is “Cache Directory”. There will be a long address similar to one shown below

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\abcd123h.default\Cache

Copy the full address (You must copy the cache link address from your computer. The above address is just to show and make you understand). Now open “My Computer”. In the address bar paste the already copied long address.

A folder will open. This folder contains the youtube video file in the form of cache. Note that the video file will be big in size. Now open VLC Media player or any other favorite player. Drag and drop the bigger cache file in the media player. The file that plays the video is your video file. Copy and paste it in desktop. Rename the file to yourvideo1.flv (or any other name of your choice with flv extension).

Now you have saved the YouTube video right from your Firefox 3 cache rather than downloading it again.

You can watch the saved video while offline.


04 June 2011

Some SEO Tips

Everybody wants to increase traffic towards to their blog. It takes longer to take a very good traffic. Follow some tips and you get a good traffic.

1. Post quality content: If the content of the blog is good then it will attract visitors and visit your blog regularly and then you will get good back links.

2. Reply to the comments and mails: Once you are getting traffic to your blog. Visitors may comment on your blog/website. So reply their comments and mail quickly if needed.

3. Submit your blog to blog directories: Submit your blog to some good blog directories of high PR. It will increase link to your blog. So pay some attention to link building. Here you may find a very good list of blog directories.

4. Install Google Analytics to your blog: Install Google Analytics to your blog and get detailed analysis report of your traffic. There are many things in Google Analytics to help you for getting traffic. You may also find there that what keywords are sending visitors to your blog. To install Google Analytics script to your blog you just need a Google account. If you don't have you can create one.

5. Submit your blog to social bookmarking site: Also submit your blog to social bookmarking site such as digg, delicious  and stumbleupon etc.

6. Join Join to help others and yourself for the blogging related problems and questions. Mention your website/blog name in posts signature there. It will increase links to your website.

7. Join digitalpoint Forum: You may join digital point forum.

8. Join Bloggeries Forum: Join Bloggeries forum.

9. Put a RSS subscribe feed button to your blog: Add a gadget to subscribe your blog via RSS. You can start this service by feedblitz, feedburner etc.

10. Learn Some SEO tips: Learn SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimization Techniques) to get good traffic.

11. Give your blog an Appropriate Title: Appropiate title of a blog also makes some difference to get traffic.

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