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28 May 2012

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Review

The Galaxy Nexus packs an impressive spec sheet, but it is (yet again) the OS which is the device’s main highlight. After all, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is widely expected to put an end to the fragmentation, which currently plagues Google’s mobile platform.
Samsung Galaxy Nexus Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Unlike its Nexus S predecessor, which was essentially a rebranded Samsung Galaxy S, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a completely different device from the current flagship of the company, the I9100 Galaxy S II. The latest Google phone sports a different GPU and chipset, which are, well, not as powerful as those found inside the Galaxy S II.
Here is a quick look at what the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has to offer, along with its main disadvantages.

Key features

  • Quad-band GSM; penta-band 3G support
  • HSDPA 21Mbps; HSUPA 5.76Mbps
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS with stock UI
  • 4.65” Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with HD (720 x 1280 pixels) resolution; 16M colors; oleophobic surface
  • Slim profile at 8.9mm
  • Dual-core 1.2GHz Cortex-A9 CPU; PowerVR SGX540 GPU; TI OMAP 4460 chipset
  • 16/32GB built-in storage; 1GB RAM
  • 5 MP camera (2592x1936 pixels) with autofocus, LED flash; 1.3MP front-facing unit
  • 1080p video recording @30fps; touch-to-zoom while recording
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • DLNA; Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Bluetooth 3.0 with ADP
  • Charging MHL microUSB port with TV-out (1080p) support
  • GPS receiver with A-GPS support
  • NFC connectivity
  • Accelerometer, gyro and proximity sensors; compass; barometer
  • Back cover made of Hyper Skin material for increased grip
  • Excellent audio quality

Main disadvantages

  • Camera resolution is not on par with the rest of the high-end dual-core competition
  • Below average battery life
  • Lacks a dedicated camera key
  • No microSD card slot
  • No mass-storage mode (some files don't show up in MTP mode)
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is yet to be fully compatible with all apps from the Android Market
  • No FM radio
A quick look at the key features of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will show you that the smartphone’s hottest hardware feature is its Super AMOLED screen with HD resolution – a first for a Samsung smartphone. The display combines amazing contrast ratio and superb viewing angles, with eye-popping size and resolution – a perfect match for the spanking new OS on board.
As far as the rest of the hardware is concerned, we heavily suspect that Samsung has intentionally omitted a couple of Galaxy S II features such as the microSD card slot and a superior 8MP camera unit. The superior screen of the Galaxy Nexus, while giving it a touch of exclusivity hardware-wise, will not be enough to cannibalize the strong sales, which the I9100 still enjoys.
The latest Google phone will be aimed at the Android purists – the crowd, which doesn’t like launchers or UI tweaks. And also the crowd that likes to get the latest OS updates from Google first. In this aspect, the smartphone is entirely in a league of its own.
Samsung Galaxy Nexus Samsung Galaxy Nexus
So is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus a proper flagship for the company, or is it simply an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich flag bearer for Google? This is what we’re trying to find out in this review.
We are going to continue next with an unboxing of the smartphone, followed by design and build quality inspection.
The Galaxy Nexus isn't just a new Android flavor of the week. Android Ice Cream Sandwich represents a big step forward for the OS in terms of usability and polish. The physical design itself may be too big for some, but Samsung has done a nice job keeping the weight and thickness down to counterbalance the big and beautiful 720p screen. The Galaxy Nexus beats the iPhone 4S when it comes to multitasking. What we'd like to see is Facebook integrated into the People app.

27 May 2012

Motorola Droid Razr Maxx review

Enter the Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx. A mere two months after its predecessor was released on Verizon, this new contender came around to challenge the battery life of every single next-gen phone we've ever used. Its back end has been filled out somewhat to make room for a bigger battery, but at 8.99mm, it's still slimmer than a huge number of competing handsets on the market today. So what makes the Maxx different from the RAZR?


The Maxx isn't looking to win that title, but it still shouldn't be considered bulky by any means. After all, at its thinnest, it cuts a skinnier profile than the 9.3mm-thick iPhone 4S and the 9.47mm Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. Granted, the Maxx still sports the same 10.6mm-thick hump as you'll find on the original RAZR's back cover, though this time around, the slope running up from its thinner end is less pronounced. And frankly, we don't mind the dimensions one bit. We understand that thin is in, but the heft makes for a much more comfortable grip.

We took the phone off the charger at 8:30 AM, began our standard video rundown test that consists of an endless video loop while connected to 3G, walked away and waited. And waited. And continued waiting until 1 AM the following morning. That's right -- the Maxx lasted 16.5 hours playing the same video over and over before giving up the ghost.

As with the Droid RAZR, the Maxx sports an eight megapixel rear shooter and 1.3MP front-facing camera. As mentioned before, the sensors are identical to the previous phone, and as such don't expect to see many different results here. Colors are still muted in direct sunlight, it struggles in low-light situations and indoor images are once again a bit noisy. We were pleased to see only a limited amount of shutter lag, thanks to the phone's continuous autofocus feature.

Despite a beefed-up battery, the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx has a slim, attractive, and durable design with the same gorgeous display, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, and fast Verizon 4G/LTE data speeds as its predecessor. It retains powerful multimedia chops and tight security features.

For such an advanced smartphone, the vague promise of a future Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is disappointing. Also, while a stronger battery is great, it's still not user-removable. People with small hands will find it hard to wrap around the phone's wide frame, and the 8-megapixel camera is unimpressive.

The Motorola Droid Razr Maxx proves that a powerful Android superphone can remain thin yet still promise marathon-worthy battery life. If you can live without Ice Cream Sandwich and have big hands, the Maxx is extremely compelling.

26 May 2012

Huawei Ideos X5 Pro Review

Huawei Ideos X5 Pro is a Touch Bar phone weighing 130g Huawei had introduced the Ideos Pro smartphone. A neat looking phone with a set of decent features but a tad high on price. The company recently introduced the successor to the device in the form of the Ideos X5 Pro. The company has now added a few enhancements and the device has been re-launched at a slightly lower price.


  • - Android Gingerbread V2.3
  • - 3.8 Inch WVGA Multi Touch Display
  • - 1GHz Processor
  • - Support 720p HD Video Recording And Playback
  • - 5MP Camera With Flash
  • - SRS WOW HD Audio Effect
  • - 1500mAh Battery


Putting it in a nutshell, the Huawei Ideos X5 Pro is a pretty neat device for  INR13,800 Although it has some minimal changes over the predecessor and the price hasn't seen a huge jump either. It performs well enough, the screen responds accurately and Huawei's trendy cloud apps and services are quite handy.

25 May 2012

Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101G Review

Tablets make fun multimedia devices but when it comes down to real work, like typing out this review for instance, there’s no replacing the good ol’ physical keyboard. You could always buy a bluetooth keyboard as an add-on but that’s just one more thing to carry around. This has always caused a huge dilemma for first time buyers who are left with the painful choice of deciding between a tablet and a netbook. A hybrid device was needed to give us the best of both worlds. Lenovo teased us with the LePad but never actually got to putting it into production. Thankfully, Asus saw a window of opportunity and capitalized on it by creating, quite frankly, the best hybrid device seen to date. We give you the Transformer TF101G - a tablet for leisure and a netbook for work, just what the doctor ordered.

Design and Build
The Transformer comes in two parts, there’s the tablet itself and the keyboard dock which further expands its functionality. Let’s start with the tablet. Measuring just 12.9mm in thickness, it’s really slim and light too, at just 695g. The Galaxy Tab 750 still remains the slimmest and lightest 10.1-inch tablet though. The TF101G is built extremely well and it just feels like it costs a premium (which is does). Instead of a plain, boring back, Asus have gone with a nice patterned design and the colour is very eye catching as well. The tablet sports an IPS panel and a scratch-resistant glass for added protection.
All docked in

Connectivity wise, we have a 3.5mm headphone jack with support for a microphone as well, mini-HDMI (Type C) connector, microSD card slot while the left side houses the SIM card slot (For the TF101G model only) and the volume rocker and power/sleep button. The fit and finish of all the ports and buttons are well done giving you a sense of quality and attention to detail.
Buttons are crafted well

The proprietary connector is at the bottom and is used for charging, data transfer or to connect to the dock. In the rear, we also have a 5MP camera without flash and a front facing 1.3MP camera for video chat. While the TF101G does accept SIM cards, it does not support telephony functions. It does however come with 16GB memory, Gyroscope and E-compass and stereo speakers with SRS. Now, let’s turn our attention to the dock.The dock can be charged separately as well.

Other apps include MyLibrary which lets you read Ebooks and popular news publications. Kindle app also comes bundled. There’s MovieStudio for editing your captured videos, Polaris Office for working on Office documents and spreadsheets.
Use the cloud to expand your storage

SuperNote lets you scribble notes, embed images, etc. Since this is a Tegra-powered device, we get TegraZone allowing you to purchase and download games optimized for this hardware. Sadly, Asus doesn’t bundle along any games with the Transformer.

The 5MP autofocus camera fails to impress with very basic functionality and poor options. The sensor fairs strictly average when it comes to snapping indoor pictures.
Camera interface is extremely basic
Camera interface is extremely basic

Since you don't have much control over the autofocus as there’s no grid or focus point for your reference, you simply point at your subject and hope for a well focused shot.
The video recording isn’t too impressive either. The recorded video is very jittery even if you move the tablet around slowly. Overall, Asus fails to impress us in this department.

Battery Life
In our video drain test, the SIM was set to 2G mode, Wi-Fi was off and brightness was set to medium. We first started the test with the tablet disconnected from the dock. Here, we managed to get 7hrs and 40min of battery life before the tablet refused to boot up. This is pretty good given the slim form factor. But it doesn't end there. Once docked, we managed squeeze out another 4hrs from the Transformer which gives us a total battery life of almost 11hrs. Asus claims 14hrs which I’m sure is achievable if you tone down the brightness further and perhaps put it in Airplane mode. Nevertheless, this is more than you will ever get on most netbooks without having to deal with the ugly bulge from higher capacity battery packs. Next, we managed to get 8hrs in our loops tests which included a video loop, audio loop and streaming radio over Wi-Fi.

So should you buy the Transformer TF101G? Well, The Price is Little Higher as compared to Features.You can Buy this if You have Lot of Money.For Others, at least we can expect a nice price drop for the current one..


24 May 2012

ZTE Fury Review

Technology advances so quickly that you can get a pretty solid Android smartphone for less than you paid for a feature phone a few years back. The ZTE Fury on Sprint is only $20 with contract and $220 without contract, but it has a few goodies like an IPS Gorilla Glass display, good reception and the usual WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS. The Fury has a 3.5" 320 x 480 display (by no means high res, but it's sharp), a 1GHz single core Snapdragon CPU and a 5 megapixel rear camera with LED flash.

The 4.23 ounce phone is easily pocketable and it has a grippy soft touch finish. You don't get 4G WiMAX or a front camera, but the phone does have a microSD card slot to augment the basic 4 gigs of internal storage. The phone runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and given the price, I doubt we'll see an ICS upgrade.

The single core CPU is reasonably responsive and it scores a pretty decent 1,500 on the Quadrant benchmark. Heck, it can even handle Adobe Flash. The phone supports Sprint ID packs and Sprint's services like Sprint TV, Sprint Music and Football. It's available now.


Given its pricing, it’s hard to find any real complaints with what ZTE and Sprint have given us in the Fury. It’s a phone that doesn’t feel cheap and still provides great value. The hardware within would have been highly desirable not so long ago, though that is easy to forget in the age of multi-core processing. If anything, the Fury is a great example of how far Android device manufacturing has really come. For those obsessed with having the latest, greatest, and most powerful on the market, Sprint offers other options. For a first-time smartphone user, an added line on a family plan, or the budget-minded consumer, the Fury is an affordable ticket to Android power.


23 May 2012

HTC One X Review

The One X is an utter beast when it comes to performance: Apps all ran buttery-smooth, and the phone never once stuttered or stalled when running even the most graphics-intensive games. The One X can connect to AT&T's relatively new LTE network, which performed impressively fast in San Francisco. Apps would download in seconds, and most Webpages loaded almost instantly. Using the Ookla Speed Test app , the HTC One X managed to get download speeds of up to 24 megabits per second (mbps), with uploads going out around 9 mbps. This was in an area with a strong data connection, so you'll likely see those numbers change based on how coverage is in your region. Keep in mind that AT&T's LTE.

Key features:

  • Quad-band GSM and dual-band 3G support
  • 21 Mbps HSDPA and 5.76 Mbps HSUPA
  • 4.7" 16M-color Super LCD 2 capacitive touchscreen of HD resolution (720 x 1280 pixels); Gorilla glass
  • Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich with latest HTC Sense 4.0
  • 1.5 GHz quad-core Cortex-A9 CPUs, low-power companion core, ULP GeForce 2 GPU, Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset
  • 1 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage
  • 8 MP autofocus camera with LED flash; face detection and geotagging
  • 1080p and 720p video recording @ 30fps with stereo sound
  • 720p front-facing camera for video-chat
  • Wi-Fi b/g/n and DLNA
  • GPS with A-GPS
  • Stereo FM radio with RDS
  • Accelerometer, proximity sensor and auto-brightness sensor
  • Standard 3.5 mm audio jack
  • microUSB port (charging) and stereo Bluetooth v4.0
  • MHL TV-out (requires MHL-to-HDMI adapter)
  • Smart dialing, voice dialing
  • DivX/XviD video support
  • HTC Locations app
  • integration
  • HTC Portable Hotspot
  • Office document editor
  • Beats audio enhancements
I am Impressed with about the One X is that it's actually more compact than you'd expect from a phone with a 4.7" screen. Not only is it impressively slim, the One X is only marginally larger than the omnipresent Samsung Galaxy S II and that one had a 4.3" screen.

If you look carefully, the HTC One X design isn't too different from that of its predecessors. The lines are basically the same and the elements are distributed in much the same way around the smartphone's body.

However, there's no chance of mistaking that the One X is a generation newer than the Sensation XE. The notably slimmer profile and the polycarbonate unibody really take the general feel up a notch. And that's not even the only benefit of the new material used - the shell of the One X is non-painted much like the one on the Nokia N9 and Lumia 800/900, so it should be able to mask potential scratches quite well.
The low overall weight is another huge advantage of the polycarbonate body. At 130g, the One X is impressively lightweight for its size and that's one of the first things you'll notice when handling it.

- Camera is worse than he expected and in his opinion worse than some previous models
- No SDCard slot
- Micro SIM
- No Beats

The Phone is Good for Everyone But the Price is Little Higher.

22 May 2012

Link Building Tools 2012

Here are the tools I pulled out of the WebmasterWorld thread:
  • Majestic SEO
  • Open Site Explorer
  • SEOmoz Tools
  • ScrapeBox
  • SEO Spyglass
  • SEOBook Tools
  • Blekko
  • Raven Tools
  • Ontolo
  • Excel (Good Old Microsoft Excel)

18 May 2012

Torrent Blocking and Reactions India

Why this ‘Kolaveri di' over torrent websites, wondered computer geeks across the country as they woke up on Thursday morning to a rude shock – the popular sites sites for downloading movies, shows and songs had been blocked.
Follwing a court order, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as Bharti Airtel and Reliance Communications had blocked popular torrent and media download websites such as,, and
However, other websites such as, and appear to have been overlooked.
On March 29, the Madras High Court, in response to an appeal by R K Productions that various ISPs and telecom firms be restrained from distributing any part of its film ‘3' without a licence, issued an interim injunction ordering ISPs to prevent such free downloads .
The ban will continue in effect till such time the Court issues its final orders on the case, or is vacated by a higher court.
"Access to certain sites has been blocked by Airtel in compliance with Court orders," an Airtel statement said.

 Hacker group Anonymous on Tuesday brought down for a few hours the websites of the Supreme Court and the Congress party. On its Twitter account, they posted "Namaste #India, your time has come to trash the current government and install a new one. Good luck. | #SaveTPB#Anonymous #Censorship" (Hear message posted by Anonymous, warns "Operation India engaged")

16 May 2012

Vodafone 6GB Hack May 2012

Hi friend just do the steps as mentioned below:-

Please try this trick below rs1
Just Type ACT FB and Send it to 144 .

After Sometime you will get Confirmation message that 6144 MB is credited to your Account and Valid For 6 Months.

Note:- If you want to Increase your Data Usage then Repeat this Process Again and Again.


13 May 2012

Reliance 3G Trick May 2012

Google and Reliance have partnered to offer 1GB free data to Indian 3G Android users. All existing and new RCom users who plan to go Android now or in the near future, can take home 1GB of free data as a part of the offer. This 1GB of free data will be valid for a period of one month and cannot be carried past the stipulated period. Customers can avail of this offer only from April 15 to June 15, 2012.

Trick Here:

Get an Android Phone and Put Your Reliance GSM sim in it.Then,call anybody(or give a misscall).After 15 Minutes you will get Message that "Your Free 3G Balance is now active".

You can Also Send  a SMS :"ALL"(w/o quotes) to 55100. If the above trick does not work for you.
Android turns blue...

Reliance has teamed up with Google to promote Android to users and encourage them to switch to Android while also marketing their 3G services with the Blue Bot campaign that has been launched. This free data offer is available for both prepaid and post paid users. The product page reads that this offer is valid for RCom CDMA customers who are upgrading/buying a new ‘Google authorized 3G Android Handset’ at present. On the other hand, the offer will extend to RCom GSM Customers who are upgrading/buying a new ‘Google authorized Android Handset’ from 5th of May 2012 onwards. Reliance has the list of approved devices on its website.

Sanjay Behl, group head, brand and marketing, Reliance Communications told ET, “We are creating a dedicated help desk to which any android phone bought under this agreement will be mapped automatically."

11 May 2012

Top SEO Mistakes

There are some things that impact negatively on search engine optimization that you won't do; the illegal stuff, at least. Some of them are nice, some of them are illegal, though that term is kind of harsh because it's not the kind of illegal that will get you thrown into jail, but rather will get you unlisted from search engines. By the way, I'm not highlighting these terms by bolding them; I don't want to encourage you, only warn you about them.
The first is what are known as flash front pages. In essence, those websites you visit that have all those pretty movies and moving pictures that you have to sit through, often listening to music, before you can get to what the page is actually about, is "flash". No doubt it's very pretty sometimes, and other times it's just pretty annoying. However, if you're not already well known, where people will come to your site just because it's you, then you're probably killing yourself. There are few ways to optimize a site when its opening page is a flash page, since the main page is the one the search engines count on to tell them what the site is really about. Some sites come up with unique ways to try to get around it, but it's pretty much an albatross around your neck. There are companies that have figured out how to optimize Flash, but are you willing to spend $300 - $500 an hour for them to do it? Now, if you only have a small bit of flash on the site, then it's find, and could enhance the look of your page. Some sites have a little bit at the top, then content throughout the rest of the page, and that works out just fine.
The second is what's known as cloaking. In essence, this is an attempt to deceive the search engines into thinking that another page is the main page for your site, then directing it to other sites that have a hidden agenda. I'm not going to tell you ways you can do this. Instead, I'm going to say that if the search engines figure it out, and they eventually do, then your domain name will be unlisted, and you'll have to pay for another domain name. The big time online sales people don't care all that much, because they're in it for the money, the scam. We're not interested in promoting that sort of thing, or doing that sort of thing.
The third is known as hiding keywords. Basically, this says you make the color of your keywords the same as the color in your background, so that they can't be seen, and basically stuff as many derivations of your keywords in there as possible. As I said on the keywords page, having too many keywords in the text of your page offers you no benefit to begin with. Hiding them, if discovered by the search engines, could get your domain name banned.
The fourth and final one I'm going to mention is don't steal content from others. Plagiarism is big on the internet because there are so many websites, and often it's hard to tell whether someone has actually stolen content or just happened to use a phrase that's more common that believed. However, there are people who will steal full content from other sites and post it as theirs, and if one gets mad enough they will turn you in to your server host, and they could ban you, and get your domain unlisted. It's true that there are many sites that might contain the same content, but if you can write in your own style and incorporate much of what you learned into your own words, then you'll be fine. After all, how many sites on SEO do you think there are now?

10 May 2012

5 Free Important Tools for SEO

5 Free Important Tools for SEO

1. Website Back History - Wayback Machine puts the history of the World Wide Web in a single click. you can check the site status, cache history, look and layout etc.

2. Initial Website Analysis - SEO Scores is a free website analysis tool on web. it shown the major error of the site.

3. Website Analysis - - Woorank is a free analysis tool that show the status, back links, error and give the suggest online.

4. Face Book Blog App - Face book blog synidate App. Help you to get your blogs visit from F/B.

5. Server Header Checker - Check your website server status online. -
They keep updating statistical data resources constantly.

Important Tools for Chrome -

Website Analysis -
Chrome Auto fill -
Copy all URL -
URL Opener -
Check Back Links : and

09 May 2012

Forum Posting Guide

Search forum : intitle:keyword+YourName@YourKeyword
Before creating a signature link you have to spend or participator thread on any forum website in Introduction Section.

Start your forum journey with "Hello Word". Few are -
  1. New to this thread, just saying hello Smile
  2. first off all i would like to thanks to all person who join this forum i think this is great place to convey to share information to each other.
  3. Hi I'm new to this forum! Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving
  4. Reading books, cooking my food are my hobby.I am positively looking forward to the forum and its members.
  5. Its a pleasure to meet you all.
  6. I joined the community to know about the different travelling companies.
  7. I am new to this forum and just wanted to say hey.
  8. Hi, I am linda. New to this community. And just want to say hello to all members.
  9. I am new to this forum site! Just want to say hello to all members
  10. Hello I am very new in this fourm! Looking forward to the forum members.
  11. Welcome! Im a junior here as well :]
  12. Hi everyone. New here. This community is amazing
  13. And i hope i can contribute to and learn more from here.
  14. I am very pleased to find the forum where all thread are very useful and beneficial.
  15. Hope to get help from people.
  16. Hello everyone, just joined today
  17. Hello! I just joined a few days ago. Welcome to the boards. I saw that you are from Scotland. I have relatives in Middlesex England. Not sure how close you are. Have a Disney day!
  18. I will be pleased if you can share you wonderful traveling experience with the Community.
  19. I love travelling and wanna find friends who share the same interest and would be able to become my companion in the near future.
  20. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you!
  21. I am really feeling good to be out here since I am a regular reader of the forums.
  22. Thanks for allowing me to join.
  23. I am Dai and just logged in here
  24. Hope to see a great time here .
  25. I am excited to take part in all topics. Hope I can enjoy my stay and all will cooperate with me.

08 May 2012

Important Tips when Listing your business

It is very important to mention here that when you are listing your business it must be SEO friendly otherwise you may not get a good result from listing, following are the few SEO tips for business listing, take a look.

Contact Address: Whenever you are going list your business with a directory whether it is paid or free, you must provide your full contact address so that if anyone is searching your business he can contact with you easily. If your business offices are located more than one country then you must provide details of that including contact person’s name, email id, phone no etc.

Service Information: when you list your business in a directory, you must include your business name, suppose you are listing your any products or services, then you should include its name along with complete address, zip code, local phone no, fax no etc.

• Hours of Operation: you must mention clearly your business hours, so that if anyone can want to contact you, he/she should contact with you in your business time, if you have not mentioned clearly and any customer calls you and does not find any response then it may possible he will never call you back and thus you’ll lose a customer for ever.

• Payment Options: in your listing you should mention about payment options that how one can pay you, like if you allow credit cards, debit cards or through PayPal, this will help your customer to come with a solid means.

• Tag Line: last but not least, if you have any tag line that identifies you, you must mention that, so that people can remember you with your tag line as well.Enjoy...

07 May 2012

Optimizing Meta Tags - SEO

Important Meta Tags and Codes

Meta Types How To Use Coding
Meta keywords Set 150 keywords smartly on your web pages. (meta name="keywords" content="seo,hacking")
Author MetaPopular your name with Author Meta(meta name="author" content="Ankit)"
Robots Meta instruct robots to non or follow/index your site pages on web.(meta name="robots" content="index, follow")
CopyRight Meta It shown copyright authority by owner(meta name="copyright" content="May, 2012")
Language Meta Define your website language to crawler.(meta name="language" content="eng")
ODP/NOYDR Meta Specify instructions for SE Robots.For Google, you can use this: (meta name="googlebot" content="noodp" /).
Yahoo!, you can use this: (meta name="slurp" content="noydir" /).
MSN, you can use this: (meta name="msnbot" content="noodp" /).
Reply Mail MetaSet your mail id in your important pages(meta name="reply-to" content="
Revisit Meta Tag Set your days or time to revisit by cralwer.(meta name="revisit-after" content="7 days")
Non-Translate TagNon-translation page(meta name="google" content="notranslate")>
Cache TagsAvoid your private page cache/index by SE (meta http-equiv="Cache-control" content="description")

Note: Replace ( ) to < less-greater than symbol> to implement above meta tags.

02 May 2012

SEO - Check Site Backlinks

From Now on, I will be Posting Some SEO Tutorials on my Site.So,Keep in touch and see your site Shooting..

What is Backlink?
A list of the incoming links to your site. This is a term commonly used by Google. A backlinks button is found on the Google toolbar.

How to Check Backlink:

Check Website's Previous layout:

Views This Month


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