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08 May 2012

Important Tips when Listing your business

It is very important to mention here that when you are listing your business it must be SEO friendly otherwise you may not get a good result from listing, following are the few SEO tips for business listing, take a look.

Contact Address: Whenever you are going list your business with a directory whether it is paid or free, you must provide your full contact address so that if anyone is searching your business he can contact with you easily. If your business offices are located more than one country then you must provide details of that including contact person’s name, email id, phone no etc.

Service Information: when you list your business in a directory, you must include your business name, suppose you are listing your any products or services, then you should include its name along with complete address, zip code, local phone no, fax no etc.

• Hours of Operation: you must mention clearly your business hours, so that if anyone can want to contact you, he/she should contact with you in your business time, if you have not mentioned clearly and any customer calls you and does not find any response then it may possible he will never call you back and thus you’ll lose a customer for ever.

• Payment Options: in your listing you should mention about payment options that how one can pay you, like if you allow credit cards, debit cards or through PayPal, this will help your customer to come with a solid means.

• Tag Line: last but not least, if you have any tag line that identifies you, you must mention that, so that people can remember you with your tag line as well.Enjoy...

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