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24 May 2012

ZTE Fury Review

Technology advances so quickly that you can get a pretty solid Android smartphone for less than you paid for a feature phone a few years back. The ZTE Fury on Sprint is only $20 with contract and $220 without contract, but it has a few goodies like an IPS Gorilla Glass display, good reception and the usual WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS. The Fury has a 3.5" 320 x 480 display (by no means high res, but it's sharp), a 1GHz single core Snapdragon CPU and a 5 megapixel rear camera with LED flash.

The 4.23 ounce phone is easily pocketable and it has a grippy soft touch finish. You don't get 4G WiMAX or a front camera, but the phone does have a microSD card slot to augment the basic 4 gigs of internal storage. The phone runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and given the price, I doubt we'll see an ICS upgrade.

The single core CPU is reasonably responsive and it scores a pretty decent 1,500 on the Quadrant benchmark. Heck, it can even handle Adobe Flash. The phone supports Sprint ID packs and Sprint's services like Sprint TV, Sprint Music and Football. It's available now.


Given its pricing, it’s hard to find any real complaints with what ZTE and Sprint have given us in the Fury. It’s a phone that doesn’t feel cheap and still provides great value. The hardware within would have been highly desirable not so long ago, though that is easy to forget in the age of multi-core processing. If anything, the Fury is a great example of how far Android device manufacturing has really come. For those obsessed with having the latest, greatest, and most powerful on the market, Sprint offers other options. For a first-time smartphone user, an added line on a family plan, or the budget-minded consumer, the Fury is an affordable ticket to Android power.


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