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04 July 2009

Password finder :Reveal password under hidden asterisk of Internet explorer

Previously, in my article Gmail Password Finder, i mentioned about use of Gmail password finder software for lost forgotten password recovery. Today, i will tell about password finder software to recover lost password, reveal hidden asterisk password - Asterie Zip. This password finder software is used to reveal hidden asterisk passwords.

Password finder asterisk

How does Password finder work???

What this password finder software does is reveal passwords hidden under asterisk. Thus, if you visit any site and if browser itself fills the password field by asterisks, then you can use this password finder software to see reveal passwords hidden under asterisks.

How to use Asterie Zip to reveal password:

1. Download Password finder software - Asterie Zip.

2. Unzip the file and install this password finder software.

3. Now, open Internet Explorer and visit the site for which you wanna reveal password.

Asterie Zip

4. After page is loaded and password field is filled with asterisk, click on “Show internet Explorer passwords” and our password finder software - Asterie key will reveal passwords hidden under asterisk password.

Thats it. Thus, password finder can be used to reveal password under asterisk password. After you get your password, save it to safe location so that you will not forget it again. If you have any problem in using this password finder software to reveal password hidden under asterisk, please mention it in comments.

Enjoy password finder to reveal password hidden under asterisk…

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