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04 July 2009

9 SEO Tips to increase Google search ranking

I have seen in many blogging forums such questions “How can increase my google search ranking” asked by newbies. So, i have written this article for bloggers to answer their question. I have listed 9 onpage SEO optimization tips to help you improve your google rankings. Just implement these SEO tips and see your search engine rankings boosting and hence traffic increasing. I have even written an article on How I doubled my site traffic .. may help you.

SEO Tips

Onpage optimization to increase Google ranking:

The 9 tips to improve google ranking are given as:

1. Keywords :

Keywords are the words used by users to search for results. So, use of right keywords in posts help in increasing google rank and thus attracting high traffic from search engines. You can use Google adwords or various keyword softwares to track proper keywords that suit your article.

2. Title :

It is title that is seen first by search engine spiders rather than article body. So, use of right keywords in article title helps in increasing site traffic from search engine.

3. header tags :

This is very important part of onpage optimisation, which i was neglecting so long. These header tags h1, h2,h3,h4 are used to indicate title and subtitles according to their hierarchies. I will write an article on this separately.

4. strong and em tags :

Use strong and em tags to highlight content. Also, what is more advantageous is , these strong and em tags are used to inform spiders “what the content is about”. So, use strong and em tags for keywords. But, dont overuse them.

5. Image alt tags :

Generally, while including image in post, we just enter image tag with its source (img src=”"). Alongwith this, include alt tags which tell search engine spiders about what image is actually about. Try using keywords in alt tags.

6. Anchor text :

While using links in posts, it is general practice to use “here” or “site” as anchor text. For example, to provide a download link to software, one use “Download here” as anchor text. But, it would be better if you use “Download software here” as anchor text.

7. Title tags :

When anchor text is optimized, its time to look at title tags. Title tags come in role when you hover mouse over a link and content of title tags are displayed without user clicking link. This title tag is used to inform search engine spiders about site you are linking to. So, why not use this title tag to include keywords??? So, title tags with keywords help in SEO.

8. New unique content :

It is my general observation that search engine prefers new content than redundant copied content. So, try out your innovation to write on new topics or if you dont have new topic, just develop your own way of presenting the topic and remember “NEVER COPY”. Yes, you can use other articles to get ideas on subject but dont be a copycat. You are a BLOGGER and not a Copycat.

9. Start and end :

Usually, it is seen that stuffing keywords at start and end of article increases chances of getting high search engine rank. So, it is beneficial to use keywords at start and end of article.

Guys, just try out these tricks and you’ll find your google traffic increasing. These tips have helped me a lot in getting google hits. I hope they may help you. If you know any SEO tricks not mentioned in article, but has helped you in getting google traffic, please mention it in comments section.

Enjoy Blogging…

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