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19 December 2009

Random Rotating Signature

This Tutorial will show you how to get a random/rotating signature everytime the page is refreshed..Lets Start:

1.First you have to go to and make a account
2. Enter the members area
3. select the button that says "Random Images"
4. Select add a new random image
5. Paste the source were the image(s) is hosted and press "Create" and continue until you get to a page That has a bunch of script
6. What you need to do now is take the code and edit it
Delete everything that is highlighted blue in the picture
[Image: tut1yf.png]
[Image: tut2e.png]
It should end up looking something like this
[Image: tut3c.png]
7. Now go to the user cp and edit your signature and paste the code you just edited.
8. Put the image code on your link to make it work [img]Your Link here[/img]
[Image: tut5.png]
9. Update your signature and you should see one of the images you added to your cutandpastescripts account.

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