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22 April 2011

RamSurvey Review - Scam or legit?

Hi Guys,

After my first Successful Earnings from the Internet i am getting limitless Requests on How to make money from internet.Today i am gonna Share one of money making Site From Net.


Ram Survey is the India's largest Market research and survey company,
Registered and certified by Govt.of India under Company Act.
Spend few minutes in a week earn a good sum of money.

It is a great opportunity as a Part time job and doing a multi level marketing.
After joining you will receive simple surveys weekly, based on some
product and you can earn $10 ( Rs.500) weekly & 40$ [Rs.2000 Monthly] by completing the

I Know There are Many Fake Companies already there in The market and This is a new Company with similar criteria.But,some of My Friends are member of this Company and Found to be paid.One of Them holds Franchisee For Delhi Too.,

According to My Knowledge,i am Damn Sure that this company will survive until 2012.Have a Look at These Calculations:
You Paid: 3500
You Get: 1700 per month + 1000 (For each Binary Referral)
Minimum Amount You can Receive: 1700*8= 13600 + Referral Bonus
(Estimating that Company will survive for min. 8 moths)

So,I Think its a Good Deal To Invest in This Company.But,be Quick Because "Opportunity Never Knock Twice.."

Note: If You want to be a Member of This Company Please Contact Here:

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