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20 May 2010

Protect your Orkut Account

The basic method which hackers are using is fake orkut pages:

Fake page hacking method is the most easiest method being performed by most of the users. This method requires no technical skill. All you need to know is how to use Internet and simple file upload.

In this trick people create a fake orkut login page similar to Orkut page and they redirect user to this fake login pages using various methods. The hacker use simple form-mailer to get the login information into his account and redirect the users to any orkut profile page or some orkut community.Read about Orkut hacked community fiasco.

If you get messages like :

Someone posted your pictures in his/her album click here to see the album

and once you will click on that link you will be redirected to orkut login page. Once you will enter the login details you will redirect to some orkut profile or community. Victim don’t even realize that he is hacked or his password is now into user database.
How to avoid getting hacked by orkut fake account hacking method?

It’s said by a great man precaution is better then cure and this is applicable here. First of all you should make it a habit of changing your password once in fortnight and don’t forget to use complex password. Also read : How safe is your password?

# Never click on link on your orkut scrapbook if it comes from unreliable sources .

# When you click on any link and if it ask you for login information immediately move away from the page without entering your login information.

# Do notice the website URL when you are redirected to orkut login page. Most of the hacker user free hosting websites like freeweb7, 110mb and the URL format is like



The link seems to be real that any normal user will never realize that it’s a fake page.

If you come across any of such pages do let us know we will inform the moderator of that hosting company to remove the link from there website.

There is a simple way which we can use to find the hackers email address if he is using the simple fake page hacking method.

If you are concern about your and yours friend security do spread this words before some one hack your account.Enjoy...

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