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06 June 2010

Introduction To Hacking: The Basics Part 1

CEH Bootcamp

Recently, hacker has taken on a new meaning — someone who maliciously
breaks into systems for personal gain. Technically, these criminals are
crackers (criminal hackers). Crackers break into (crack) systems with
malicious intent. They are out for personal gain: fame, profit, and even
revenge. They modify, delete, and steal critical information, often making
other people miserable.
The good-guy (white-hat) hackers don’t like being in the same category as the
bad-guy (black-hat) hackers. (These terms come from Western movies where
the good guys wore white cowboy hats and the bad guys wore black cowboy
hats.) Whatever the case, most people give hacker a negative connotation

Why hack?
Some people, known as crackers, get a kick out of harming people, their work, and their websites. But the real hackers get a kick out of programming, improving and helping the web, the difference is enormous. Crackers sometimes hack into websites in order to prove they can - that is sad. Cracking is a term also given to those who try to break software in order to make them free or distribute them, this is the same group of sad people.

What are the different types of hacking?
There are three main types:
  1. Hacking into hidden or password protected pages of a website.
  2. Hacking into other people's computers while they are online.
  3. Hacking into company servers to read important information or distribute viruses.

Ethical Hacking
You need protection from hacker  An ethical hacker possesses
the skills, mindset, and tools of a hacker but is also trustworthy. Ethical hackers
perform the hacks as security tests for their systems. 

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