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10 July 2010

CEH: Module 2 Hacking Laws Download

CEH Bootcamp
Computer crime, or cybercrime, refers to any crime that involves a computer as well as a network, where the computers may or may not have played an instrumental part in the commission of a crime.Netcrime refers, more exactly, to criminal exploitation of the Web.Issues surrounding this type of crime have become high-profile, those surrounding hacking, copyright infringement, kid pornography, and kid grooming. There's also issues of privacy when confidential information is lost or intercepted, lawfully or otherwise.
On the global level, both governments and nonstate actors continue to grow in importance, with the ability to engage in such activities as espionage, financial theft, and other cross-border crimes sometimes often called cyber warfare. The international legal technique is trying to hold actors accountable for their actions, with the International Criminal Court.

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