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27 July 2010

Windows 7 Installation Review

Windows 7 Basic Installation

The following is a basic overview on the new Windows 7 Installation Method.
01. This is a general overview of the Installation Method for the upcoming Windows 7 OS
02. So far we have installed both the 32 & 64 bit versions on one different computers
03. the installation was quick & simple on each.
04. For example, from start to finish, on d 64-bit version was under 20 minutes !
05. Booting from the DVD & outset took about 2 minutes. The only prompts are the Language, Time & Money Format, & d Keyboard
06. Expanding the files took about 8 minutes
07. Reboot & complete d installation took about 6 minutes
08. First Use with the User & Computer Name etc. took about another 3 minutes to the desktop
09. Then there is the boot time. On the same computer, compared to Vista, Windows7 boots about 30% faster.
10. Other things with d basic Windows 7 Installation:
11. The Sidebar Devices are not installed automatically.
12 The memory usage is vastly improved. For example, on d 32-bit process, it was under 700 megs.
13. Plenty of unnecessary services r not started as with Vista,
14. A complete install, with the useful applications installed & configured, took only 1.5 hour.

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