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06 July 2011

Clipboard Hacking 101

This is one of the most popular things we do on the internet with our keyboard. "Ctrl+C". We copy data (i.e. email address, passwords, ssn, credit cards etc.) here and there and paste to wherever we want to reuse it. But do you realize that the data you copied are stored in what is called a clipboard temporarily and is accessible to anyone and can be stolen when you visit web sites using a combination of Javascripts and ASP (or PHP, or CGI) to write your data to a dabase on another server.

You might be wondering, how on earth is that possible. Its true and possible and we're going to explain how and how to prevent it from now happening. Just read on and i just hope you haven't copied a credit card number recently.

The Clipboard hack is done by the following Source Code:

Yes, with this simple script any website has the potential of stealing your sensitive information to their database.

Now the good news is this vulnerability can only be found on Internet Explorer and to avoid this clipboard hack problem IE users follow this simple steps.

Go to Internet Options -> Security
Press Custom Level
In the security settings, select disable under Allow paste operation via script.


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