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29 February 2012

Key logger

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What is a keylogger?

i am sure this question have crossedyou many times & you will be passing it by saying just a software that records keystroke but let me tell you its more than that.

a keylogger is a thing that stores keystroke & send it to the attacker keylogger may be a software or a hardware or a addon for firefox or internet explorer
the key logger store keystrokes by recording the keys presses with each cursor click, each key pressed.generally key stokes are recorded on a txt file & send to attacker by mail or ftp.

hardware keylogger now dass a kewl thing if d victim is using a desktop coz he wont evr look behind the CPU to check for a hardware keylogger he may check s/w  but hardware never so if u wanna fool u r fnds u can easily do so just by spending 150 rs .

what did u just ask?? ooh how can we be safe from keylogger-simple confuse the keylogger see the keylogger store keystroke in order so you can puzzle it easily
for ex-say ma password is" megan fox is hot" so i can write fox is hot megan or like that & rearrange it 
& we can also use virtual keyboard already installed in your pc

p.s. megan fox is hot dass not a password dass a fact guys :P

so guys i guess you will find my first post helpfull do comments how do u like it 

                                                                                                             -Akshay jain

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