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01 March 2012

Why Google+ is better than Facebook

Google plus is the latest thing in town when it comes to social media sites existence. Everyone wants to get on board. The sharing and socializing becomes easier with the site because of the cool benefits it has over any other socialnetworking sites on the globe. Google plus is a social site that helps people especially bloggers to get the best of theirsocial activities. With the site, you can do all what you wants and get what you need without stress or hassle. Lately,Google plus adds new cool feature to some of other things that has being on the site with the rel-authorintegration. This helps bloggers to get more search engine exposure and helps grow their respective blogs due to huge amount of traffics that Google search engine sent to them every time.
I have just experienced traffic spikes on my gravity defyer and 48hourprint blog when I started using the rel-author benefits by linking my google+ profile to my website and with this, it helps me get more traffic and it also boost my search engine presence as a blogger online and this surpass what I can get from using facebook.
If you are yet to be on Google plus, this article will be showing you some of the reasons why you need to be there than to be on facebook.
Sharing of Links Does Not Attract Any Penalization
Link sharing is one of the benefits that make me to dump facebook for google plus because the site allows me share my website links and posts without any restriction. On facebook either, there is limited amount of links you can share on your wall, but googleplus makes it easier for me to share links.
Easy to Use Interface
Another thing that you can consider to choose google plus over facebook is because of the clean interface. Everything there looks cool and there are no cluster links and ads because the site is ads-free.
No Limitation
Limitation occurs though and it is because the site is still in the demo mode. Limitation only occurs on the amount of friends you can add to your circle and that does not mean that you will not be able to share information just like the way facebook is doing.
No Unscrupulous Tagging
Tagging is one of the reasons that make many people hate facebook but, on google+, the tagging feature is now at limit. You cannot tag people in picture like how people use to do on facebook without the person getting to know about it.
Third Party Plugins
All the third party apps that are on facebook only work for the negativity of most bloggers. Think of all the third-party plugins or addons that are on google plus, they are made for people to use in experiencing the site better. I shared one of such plugins on my websitesome months ago about a google plus addon that can allow bloggers to share google plus updates to twitter and vice-versa. But, on facebook, only few apps are made for this purposes because of the rejection of different apps from developers by the facebook development team.

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