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05 August 2010

CEH: Module 3 Footprinting Download

CEH Bootcamp
Footprinting is the first and most convenient way that hackers use to collect information
about computer systems and the companies they belong to. The purpose of footprinting to
learn as much as you can about a technique, it is remote access capabilities, its ports and
services, and the aspects of its security.

In order to perform a successful hack on a technique, it is best to know as much as you can,
if not everything, about that technique. While there is nary a company in the world that
is not aware of hackers, most companies are now hiring hackers to protect their systems.
And since footprinting can be used to assault a technique, it may even be used to protect it.
In the event you can find anything out about a technique, the company that owns that technique, with the
right personell, can find out anything they require about you.

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