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10 August 2010

Windows XP Admin Login Without Password

Forgot Windows XP Administrator Password
(CEH Bootcamp)

Solution :
I must say this will help you in my Running CEH Bootcamp..ok now,back to work,,

In this case you need to be a bit a blessed! When you install windows xp, its automatically generate a default Administrator account in the coursework of the setup technique. So, in the event you have forgot your administrator account password then press Ctrl+Alt+Del key six times when you see the default log on screen. It will return Windows Classic Login Screen and there you need to type "Administrator" in user name field and leave blank the password field [assuming that you dont have any password for your technique default administrator account.]
In the event you didnt gave any password while installing XP then you will be logged in and then go to Control Panel and from there go to 'User Accounts' and remove the password of your desired account.

Now log out from the current account....and type your desired account name in the user id field and hit enter.


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