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26 August 2010

Open Multiple Applications With Single Click

Each time after turning on the PC people usually open the same set of applications. For example after turning on my PC I normally open my Firefox browser, Yahoo Messenger & Google Talk & play my same elderly playlist on Winamp.Time necessary to open all this programs can be reduced by using this tiny app – Lacuna Launcher.
Lacuna Launcher is a tiny freeware that can open multiple programs or files with a single-click.

After downloading the application from here unzip the downloaded file. In that files there's five files which are needed. One is list.txt & other is ll.exe. Open list.txt file & put entries for all the programs you require to open with the single-click. After making all the entries in list.txt save it & close it. Then click on ll.exe to launch all the programs in single-click. Check out read me.txt file to know more about this tiny program.
 single click. Check out read me.txt file to know more about this tiny program.

Download Lacuna Launcher


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