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13 September 2009

4shared Hacked|Mirror To 4shared

ImageShack HackedI noticed something weird today with Don’t ask me why I was accessing the website, but the thing is that the file sharing website appears to have been hacked as when users try to access it they are redirected to another website called and what could this possibly mean? Yeah, you got it right: 4shared was hacked.

About three months ago we’ve seen something similar happen to ImageShack, another sharing website, but if on 4shared users can share any files, on ImageShack users can share only pictures, photos, and images. At the moment it is unclear if the websites we’re hacked by the same people, or team.

ImageShack were hacked by members of the Anti-sec Movement who said that they fight against full-disclosure and that they’re looking to eradicate it. The Anti-sec Movement announced that ImageShack was just the first victim and that there are more to come as “this time everyone and everything is getting owned.”

The one thing that makes us think that 4shared was hacked by the Anti-sec Movement is that both ImageShack and 4shared are file sharing websites, but they don’t have a special picture now so at the moment it remains a mystery until someone asserts the job.

Mirror for 4shared: It works.


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