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18 September 2009

Hacking Windows Xp 0r Vista

In this I will tell you one of the cool softwares you can use to do that. Before that I must tell you this software works only if you have physical access to the computer. Believe me if someone has physical access to your computer you cannot protect your data been copied or been destroyed. Therefore, this piece of software will not do any harm but help you to save your day when you forget your windows XP or windows vista password.

Another reason to introduce this software is I used it personally and it works 100% and it is 100% free. Most of the Google results you get is fake or infected with something. Ophcrack is the magical software that let you retrieve your lost windows vista or windows XP password.

Ophcrack XP LiveCD (ophcrack-xp-livecd-2.0.1.iso) will come on handy if you cannot even login to your computer. Download the iso image and burn it to a cd using nero or any other CD burning software and boot your computer using the CD. It will auto run the program and retrieve your password but it will take bit of time.

Ophcrack Vista LiveCD (ophcrack-vista-livecd-2.01.iso) is the one you should download if you are trying to hack into windows vista computer.

They have release the ophcrack 3.0.1 and ophcrack LiveCD 3.0.1 is released. It can be used for Mac OS X as well according to Ophcrack news release. However, still I could not find any download link for ophcrack 3.0.1.

Next time you can hack into your computer in any case you forgot your password or someone else change your password. I don’t want to tell you can hack into someone’s computer as well. But just do it for fun don’t miss use it.


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