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29 September 2009

EmailBomber:Spam your Friend's inbox

"Email-Bomber" ie. it sends a particular message to your victim nearly 15 million time or even more.As long as his inbox is not full it keeps spamming your victim's inbox.

The basic requirements for this program is that you need .NET FrameWork 2 or above

First of all download the software Email Spammer

How to use it ?

Fill up all the information .It is better to use a fake Gmail account just to prevent your email from being hacked by the programmer ! So "SMTP" Server in this case would be "" or else if you use a "Live account" then you can opt "" .Then just fill up your victim's info and then you are done !

So now after you have filled all the necessary info you will see a list of spammed mails from you.You can check out this screenshot !

Use this tool just for educational purposes guys !Please don't get yourself into trouble cause i hold no responsibility for this !


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