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13 September 2009

Hacking : Step By Step|What actually Hackers Are???

What Is Hacking ?

Hacking is gaining access of somthing were public acess is not there ....

many of you just think hacking is getting passwords of email ids and etc .. hacking is a vast arena having many more things dan just email idz

What Do i Know ?

I m still a learner so dont expect something ouuta this world from me

but still whatever i know m gonna teach here

many times u might have seen people with names

White Hat hacker or sumthing like dat

lemme tell u what all they are actually :

White Hat Hackers = they are ethical hackers .. they protect from hacking

Black Hat Hackers = the are unethical hackers .. they just hack for fun / money

Red Hat Hackers = They Are dangerous and hack for money ... they can fuk onlien systems !

Your Safety While Doing All This

Very important thing

----> Proxy

What is proxy .. proxy is basically changing ur ip this increases ur security while u r doin these shit things

How to change IP - ?

You can simply download softwars but they are all shit !

Proxy ---> simply go to this site

IP - Internet Protocol Address

We all have an IP ,. i mean .. like when we use yahoo messenger we have a particular ID like -- Pranshuchorhai . etc !!

Like this only , when we are using the internet we are on the web with an IP ..

For Exapmle - : 59.123.433

to know ur IP Go to -- Google and Serch for - What is my Ip

Know the ip of a website

use this software


Firstly : Phising

This is the easiest and the best way

Download this RAR first

then make an account on

then login to ur account and go to file manager

den uplaod any one of the page u desire from the rar with the google logo in it and with the login.txt file + the mailer.php file


now forward the link and get the passwsrds

First ..

make and fake email id ...

for example i wanna hack gmail acc .

den make and id on gmail ..

the id should be like this

or so ..

make one .. id like dis

get the id of the person u wanna hack

and send a email from the id u just created to the victam .. in the email give the link of the fake page

i will give u the format

Keep The subjet as : Account Confirmation : Gmail

Body :

Dear User ,

We are having some problems with our servers , and we need to confirm each and every email id now . We are really sorry for the inconvenience but its very important for you to confirm your email address , if you do not confirm your email address within 3 days , we may even have to close your account

Click On Your Confirmation Code to Confirm : 2323323

After clicking on the code just enter your email ID and password and sign in .

Sorry For the inconvenience .

Regards ,

Gmail Team

now just link dat confirmation code to ur fake page

This is the actuall way of phising

S.E.O -- > Search Engine Optimization

Now lets start = S.E.O -- > Search Engine Optimization

Many times we search something on google , we get 100000 results .. its hard to find what we exactly want !

SEO will teach u how to get the best out of GOOGLE

Supose u want to serch google for a forum then simply write :-


i mean to say whenver u want to serch sumthing in url den type : -

inurl:desired thing

Whenever u have to serch in text right :-

intext:desired thing

Many people Might know this but for those who dont know understnd this .. it will be very usefull !

if u vant 2 search any websit's login page then type

intext:login inurl:website address

Now supose u want to search a PDF , DOC , PPT on the internet then write this in google -:


there are many more things in SEO ,.. but they will come further .. for now this is enuf !

So .. m up with another lesson

Keyloogers basically get ur keystrokes , button impressions , screenhots etc !

basically if a keyloger gets installed den u get all the keystrokes etc etc !

Practical Part

Download This : -

Adramax Keylogger

This is detectable i will give a undetectable to some people only

1) Now install this after dat see in ur adramax ka icon aa gaya hoga in ur tray icons list

2) Right click on that icon and select register with a key

registration name is
and registration serial is

3) Now right click and choose REMOTE INSTALLATION

4) A wizard will comeup .. press next for 4 times

5) then it will ask for updates , uncheck it

6) Now click next , now give the sel destruction date to next 3-2 months

7) Now they will ask that send logs every : choose every 5 minutes

8) deleivery method select it as email

9) now click next now send to give here ur own email id send from give her ur own email id again

10) smtp host-->press find

11) Username : give anything , as username and pass now do next for 4 times ..

12) You will get a message saying - : deplosive package made successfully

13) Your htv.exe file will apear ..

Send this file to the victam as soon as he double clicks it u will get his keystrokes in every 5 mins in the email id provided ..

they may come in spam / junk .;......

Software Finding Etc.

i will teach how to find every software every crack

if u can find every serial and crack ..

it means u are very much ahead , i mean .. its very useful !

You can get every software crack everything from these sites - :

and there are many more sites

Earning Online :::: Basics

Ok .. so lets start ! ..

let me tell you one thing .. earning online isnt dat easy !

but yes .. its can be done


like what i do is . create websites .. blogs . put ads on dem and earn

or sell rapidshare acc's

Surfing Ads

Register Here

and dey will pay u on paypal just for clicking on their ads

easiest way is this

PTC service - Pay to click


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