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12 September 2009

Windows XP Pro Rabbit Edition 2009

Rabbit Edition Sp3 for KID | ISO | 490MB

As promised Windows xp pro rabbit edition sp3 iso
Download extract and burn using ultra iso or nero or another iso program.
This is the best version i have ever built.
It comes pre activated and the cd key is programed in to the winnt.sif file which means theres no need to enter the cd key.
It passes windows activation tests too see screen shots below

I have taken all language packs out and just left english so reduce the size.
I stopped messenger service removed system beep and windows tour and other stuff that is a pain.

Enjoy and please let me know what you think of my latest version as i worked hard to program this.

This version has not been patched there have been no activation tools used.
I used bulk suppliers key which repair people such as myself use to install xp on as many pcs as we like.

These keys are hard to obtain.Download CapSwitch User ...

download link :



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