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11 September 2009

Optimize Your Blog !!!

Here are various websites that can make your website more optimised.

- This is used to find out who owns a website or if you want to create and website and want to know if the name has been taken and much more. The higher the PageRank the higher your website will appear in a search engine.

Google PageRank
- When Google goes through the internet it tests the importance of your website, so the more links to your website the more important and if yahoo or something links to your website, the PageRank will be higher because of yahoos importance.

What Websites Looked like
- Shows you what you're website used to looks like - if you try youtube you'll find it used to be a dating website!

Traffic Rank
- Shows you how many visitors you have and shows your increase from when you first started on a graph, and then compare it to other websites.

Markup Validation
- This will check what mistakes you've made in your coding and will list the mistakes - even if your website still works!

Optimisation Test
- Tells you how long it takes to load your website and gives you suggestions on how to improve it.

Keyword Suggestion (SEO)
- Type in a keyword like 'video' and it will show you how popular that word is (how many times people have entered it) and then show you how popular related keywords are e.g. funny videos, music video, sex videos.

Keyword Research
- pretty much the same as before but will allow you to enter phrases.


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