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01 September 2009

The Ultimate Virus v1.20(Prank Software)

The Ultimate Virus v1.20(Prank Software)

“The best prank software that I’ve ever known.”

If you love to making fun to your friend, then we presents a greatest computer prank for you. The Ultimate Virus is the best prank software ever known on the net. Over 1000 downloads and 5 rating on, then it proves that The Ultimate Virus is a right choice for prank your friend!

This program acts like a virus, but it's not a real virus.
At first run, a progress bar appears, inform user if virus loading is in progress. Then, the taskbar and desktop icons are disappears. A dialog box displayed that contains three choices :
Format Hard disk
If you click this button, a progress bar will appears that formatting is in progress but actually it's not. If user click "Cancel" button, then a fake "Blue Screen Of Death" will appear!
Appearance of "BSOD" is different depends on your system. If user has run this program on Windows 9x system, then Windows 9x "BSOD" will appear. Otherwise if user has run this program on Windows XP, then a Windows XP "BSOD" will appear.
Delete Windows Folder
This program will scan all files and folders on your Windows folder. After that, a progress bar appears that displaying deletion progress. An advanced Windows user will be tricked because it displays all files on their systems are being deleted!
Delete All Contents on Local Disk
Similar to above, but it just scan folders on your root folder. Because there is a ton of files is stored on hard disk, so it's impossible to scan all files and folders on your hard disk because it will lag the application ;P.

But it's not finished yet. After all progress is finished, this program will does a fake restart. It displays black screen and text with MS-DOS style, so your friend will be tricked that their computer is being in boot mode. Then, a beep coming from computer speaker, and a frightening text appear: "BIOS image has been corrupted. There is a problem with your motherboard ROM. Press any key to try again” When your friend reach three attempts, a text appears that their motherboard is permanently damaged!

This prank is best for prank your friends, no matter that your friend is a newbie, even an advanced Windows user will be got tricked too! Actually this program DOES NOT damage your system, but gives a big effect to your friend!

Okay, prank is over, now how to remove this program?
I got so many question on how to remove this program. Simply delete The Ultimate Virus program from your computer and it won’t run again. Please note that this program DOES NOT install itself to system. If you found this program run at startup, maybe your friend who do that. Check on startup folder on Start Menu or run MSCONFIG then check Startup tab



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